Should I continue writing Warped?

Posted by: RevNge

If a majority votes in favor, I'll start writing Chapter 10. If not, I'll scrap it for good and start on a new fanfic for the future.

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Yes, you should.

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No, you should start another fanfic.

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You should just stop writing fanfics altogether.

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PetersSmith says2015-06-06T18:35:45.2329076-05:00
Depends, what will that new fanfiction be about? Writers tend to improve overtime. In fact, I scrapped a 300+ page book because my writing improved enough for me to realize that it was inadequate and I could now write something much better.
RevNge says2015-06-06T18:44:16.6977974-05:00
Either a dystopian or ancient fantasy, I suppose. I'm rather intrigued by the extremes of time; either future or past.
RevNge says2015-06-06T18:44:49.4584274-05:00
And Warped has a terrible beginning that doesn't really sync with what I had in mind for the ending, so I'm not sure if I should continue it.
PetersSmith says2015-06-06T18:53:30.5240477-05:00
RevNge: I think if you're no longer interested in writing Warped, then you shouldn't force it.
RevNge says2015-06-06T19:01:57.8383737-05:00
Just call me Rev. Eh...I think it's more due to my chronic laziness that applies to writing in general, and I partly don't want to give up what I've worked on for a while now.
PetersSmith says2015-06-06T19:06:16.2787362-05:00
RevNge: Chronic laziness could stem from the apathy about writing a certain piece though. You should be "excited" about writing something, and not just deciding to not give up on it just because "you've been writing it for a while". You could even stop it, write something else, and then refurbish and come back to it later.
ESocialBookworm says2015-06-06T19:17:49.4017025-05:00
Write or I'll beat you :P
RevNge says2015-06-06T19:19:32.3324819-05:00
Y u call me by my full username Yeah, I know...I experienced the "excitement" when I first started writing Warped. The problem I'm having is that right now I'm lacking the conviction and interest that I previously had; not just for this fanfic, but for writing in general.
PetersSmith says2015-06-06T19:29:47.6239142-05:00
RevNge: Then, if you're interested in writing still, create an idea that you'd be excited to write fully. I always found that making a detailed "outline" always helped me understand what the piece will be about, and allow me to decipher which parts would be boring or very interesting. Try to keep the boring parts to a minimal, you know lol? It's kind of like where you get yourself "hyped" for a game or movie by teasing it to yourself, but you're the one who makes it :P
Adam_Godzilla says2015-06-06T21:04:54.5412605-05:00
Hey, Peter, why don't you make a fanfic too? Just a suggestion.

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