Should I End My Life

Posted by: SlavMan69

I have nothing to live for, My girlfriend was raped and murdered, My family disowned me, I have no friends, I have nothing

  • Yes

  • No

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  • Ending your life has zero benefits whatsoever. Of course, I have no idea the pain you feel, But things will always heal. If you were to end your life now, You'd be missing out on all the joyful events in the future. I recommend getting help and always looking for a better future. Seriously don't kill yourself.

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pixelpatriot777 says2021-04-07T17:36:48.7545813Z
Are you all right?
pixelpatriot777 says2021-04-07T17:46:08.2808167Z
You all right?
Luigi7255 says2021-04-14T15:31:35.4535790Z
Do you need someone to talk to? If so, I'm here for you.

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