• Yes

  • No

86% 38 votes
14% 6 votes
  • we can't afford to urbanize the goldfish youth

  • We must never give name to the 3rd anti-Christ. Yes, goldfish are the final anti-Christ. Think about it: the more space goldfish are given to operate, the larger the goldfish grows. The more space the anti-Christ is given to operate, the larger his influence grows. When faced with a lack of sustenance (food), the goldfish turns to cannibalism. When faced with lack of sustenance (the maintaining of his existence), the anti-Christ will turn to cannibalism (turning man against itself). Goldfish, the anti-Christ...he's been hidden amongst us all along...just as foretold.

  • No. Please reconsider the name. You certainly don't want your goldfish to be bullied in school, do you?

  • no name ur goldfish Fuck Bitch Pussy Nigga III

  • No, you must let your fish choose his own name. It symbolically gives him power over his own destiny, his own life. That is why you should not name your fish Daquan.

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tajshar2k says2015-08-28T23:53:30.8905820Z
@food_please Thanks Captain Obvious.

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