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It should be illegal

Incest should be illegal because it often cause child sexual abuse or child on child sexual abuse such as sibling abuse.Incest is wrong because it introduces the possibility of irreparably damaging family units by introducing a notoriously incendiar... y dynamic-sexual tension-into mix.It also increase child morality rate and can have a lifelong damage effect to children due to sibling abuse and child sexual abuse   more
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It should be legal

It should be legal because you can't help who you fall in love with,it just happen as long as it's between two consenting adults.Just like you have to bigamy and adultery.
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stephannoi says2015-08-16T14:01:05.4861868Z
Why should incest be legalized at all?Hopefully most of people would agree with me that incest should be illegal because it bring no advantage to society and it can seriously be harmful for children,If we want to protect children from being abused,then we should make incest illegal.
Teaparty1 says2015-08-16T16:41:30.9445816Z
Stephannoi because who are we to stop two consenting adults?
countdooku says2015-08-17T02:21:13.5303364Z
Incest isn't a love,it's more likely an abuse.Your family member can not give an consent in being your love/sexual partner .
countdooku says2015-08-17T02:23:25.2887810Z
Your siblings/guardian/parents are naturaly dare to be your care taker not your sexual/love partner and they do not willing to be your sexual/love partner.
stephannoi says2015-08-17T02:26:59.4625539Z
That's true i agree
lordsidious says2015-08-17T02:36:36.7484740Z
Incest destroy family unit !!!!
lordsidious says2015-08-17T02:37:35.2683005Z
And make parents dissapointed
dilordious says2015-08-17T02:45:58.8984675Z
We are not animals,we are human.And human bonding aren't naturally design for between marriage/sexual relation family member.
dilordious says2015-08-17T02:52:48.3042465Z
And thousand of children died and suffer lifelong mentally and physically from parental abuse !!!
countdooku says2015-08-18T04:26:10.0089817Z
Did you guys know that most child sexual abuse are cause by incest relationship ?
dilordious says2015-08-18T04:31:41.5912125Z
Yes i do know,that's why statistic shows that 90 % of child sexual abuse victims has cause by person who the victim has known before and the victim has trust on them.
dilordious says2015-08-18T04:35:50.8427150Z
Such as Parents,siblings,students,and sometimes also teachers.But most commonly are parents,siblings,and students.But teachers are actually very unlikely.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:43:27.7276337Z
So,i guest,if incest relationship is that harmful then we should make it illegal and as a felony crimes.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:44:12.1567185Z
It can prevent kids from being abuse by their parents and siblings.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:46:21.9741228Z
I remember what josh duggar has done to his siblings.He molestate them while they were asleep.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:52:16.3459580Z
It doesn't matter how old he is at that time.In my opinion juvenile should be tried as an adult when they are 14 years old.He understand what he is doing,and he know exactly that is action is absolutely wrong.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:56:36.7164240Z
It's also very disgust to see family members have romantic/sexual relation with each other.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T04:59:32.6263888Z
I don't say fallen in love or being sexual attracted to someone is wrong.But if you people are so in love with each other then please choose your intimidate partner outside family member house.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T05:00:00.2597360Z
I don't say fallen in love or being sexual attracted to someone is wrong.But if you people are so in love with each other then please choose your intimidate partner outside family member house.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T05:09:39.2193073Z
And if someone has a symptom of sexual interest towards your family member,then he/she should receive medical treatment and rehabilitation before they act toward them.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T05:10:00.3886430Z
I would say these people are sick in their brain.
lordsidious says2015-08-18T05:10:55.7748215Z
If i am parents of a child,i won't allowed my child to have sex with their siblings.Because siblings should be remain as your family member not a intimidate/sexual partner.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T05:13:43.8904030Z
Sure,they are sick.I would support gay marriage but not incest relationship.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T05:19:35.2184884Z
I say this,not because i want to infringes rights and freedom of people because this has nothing to do with free will or rights.Incest is morally wrong,because 1.It destroy family units 2.It increase child infant morality rate 3.It cause child sexual abuse
stephannoi says2015-08-18T05:22:43.1407466Z
And it introducing '' a notoriously incendiary dynamic-sexual tension-into the mix
stephannoi says2015-08-18T05:23:33.1080663Z
Even incest between two consenting adults or two consenting minors,should be illegal too.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T05:30:27.8669114Z
Hopefully incest would remain illegal forever and should never be legal.

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