Should Islam and Christianity more strongly condemn religious terrorism?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

9/11, 7/7 (Londom Bombings), The Troubles (Northern Ireland), 2011 Norway Attacks etc. Where is the condemnation? There is very little by BOTH religions regarding acts of terror.

  • Yes

  • No

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  • Yes. It seems to me that Christians often point the finger at Muslims and yet forget that their own religion has blood on its hands. For decades, terrorism in Northern Ireland caused 3,530 deaths, more than 9/11. Of course it was not purely a religious conflict, but it would be false to claim that Christian division (Catholics vs Protestants) were not very largely responsible for this. And then of course the Norway Attacks left over 100 dead via bomb, but mostly by gunshot. It seems Christians easily forget these acts... Muslims, well I need not go into much detail. But there does appear to be little condemnation despite major terrorist attacks. Although it is true that religious world leaders have spoken out against terrorism, I would not have known unless I specifically searched for it. Why have both of these religions failed to condemn violent acts as soon as they happened?

  • I believe that both religions are supposed to be peaceful, according to the bible (I actually disagree but that is an entirely different topic) so of course.

  • Christian leaders already condemn all acts of violence? The Ayatollah is violence. It would be amazing if he could become less evil in his hate speech. Of course.

    Posted by: Jero
  • Yes. Any terrorism is bad within the Bible. Pretty much most violence is condemned within the Bible.

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Cygnus says2014-05-13T19:46:54.5249777-05:00
As if the answer should be a resounding "No!"
SiorafasNaCillini says2014-06-16T19:39:16.4688312-05:00
Pope Jon Paul II condemned The Troubles when he visited Ireland.
Zylorarchy says2014-06-17T12:31:03.6379819-05:00
SiorafasNaCillini: Good.

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