Should Israel annex Palestine?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Gaza and parts of the West Bank are independent but are not recognised countries. Wouldn't it be better to shape the country properly and give the Palestinians a nationality?

  • YES

  • NO

45% 9 votes
55% 11 votes

  • The territories of Palestine and Gaza strip were won by Israel in both the six day war and in the yom Kippur war and also because Muslims (for now) are the majority in the territories and by annexing these two territories (yes, including Golan heights), this will leave Muslims vulnerable (but in a good way), this will allow us (especially to the trinitarian Christians) to convert the muslims to trinitarian Christianity (in my case, Catholicism) and without any Islamic religious police or any Islamic laws like sharia law to hide behind on or rely on, so we (trinitarian Christians) pretty much have a much better chance of completely christianizing or converting (or in my case, catholicizing) the muslims and spreading trinitarian Christianity not only in Israel, but also in Gaza, Golan heights, west bank and maybe in the near future, even beyond Israel's borders. Not only because they do not have any islamic authority in Israel, but because Israel is a free, democratic, and JEWISH country and one of the most democratic and freest countries in the middle east.

  • Better to have a secular government rule the land than some Muslim theocracy that denies human rights and harbors a terrorist group. Any Muslim nation, no matter the severity of their theocratic rule, should be overtaken and its government exterminated.

  • They should annex Palestine because this will allow US (Trinitarian Christians to convert the Muslims in Palestine and because conversions are legal and because there is no Islamic laws, Islamic religious police, or sharia courts, we will be able to convert them to Trinitarian Christianity with little to no effort and with less and less Muslim, there will also be less and less incidents, threats, crime, conflicts made by more safer place to live because there will be very little Palestinian and non Palestinian Muslim (0.1%) to no Palestinian and non Palestinian Muslim (0.0%) populations.

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greatkitteh says2015-08-03T00:19:29.8104436Z
Fglad you didn't say all "heli" no, uther.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T00:24:46.3965568Z
That would be an ecumenical matter:
triangle.128k says2015-08-03T01:51:45.2680104Z
Emilrose says2015-08-03T01:56:22.9530099Z
Israel is great! <3
Emilrose says2015-08-03T02:04:32.0368587Z
@RussiaPutinBest, are you not currently 'occupying' Crimea? A place that technically has a higher death toll than BOTH of Israel's last major military operations.
DavidMGold says2015-08-03T03:20:29.5937077Z
The "Palestinians" never existed before the Arabs suffered their worst defeat in 1967, but this ploy is a matter too many Westerners fail to understand just as they fail to understand how central Islamic ideology is to the conflict. The land belongs to Israel.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T04:36:30.2808140Z
I'm not occupying Crimea, no. However the Ukrainian government occupy half of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts that they invaded in 2014. Ye there seem to be a lot of civilian deaths there. Also, I'm not sure what you are talking about in terms of the higher death toll in Crimea. I'm sure it would be on the front page of FOX news but I haven't seen any such information.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T04:37:40.6552668Z
@David: Of course it belongs to Israel, they occupy it. Just like huge chunks of Syria and Iraq belong to the Islamic State.
DavidMGold says2015-08-03T04:39:34.4702316Z
According to the UN, 6,832 casualties with respect to the War in Donbass.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T04:44:48.2506430Z
That is the official number yes. That may be accurate but it could be as high as 50,000 (you can google it). Since the Ukrainian government would want to hide its murder of civilians as much as it can. Millions of people are short on food, water, and are living in poverty or are refugees (1.3 "internally displaced" people according to the west who don't recognize them as refugees or the "crisis" as a civil war).
DavidMGold says2015-08-03T04:47:22.8476340Z
@RussiaPutinBest, of course not, it belongs to the Muslims about as much as Spain does given they invaded, conquered, and occupied the land before being repelled 700 years later. You should concern yourself with the demographic winter your beloved Russia will experience over the next century and the Russian towns and cities that are being devastated by narco trade that funds the Jihadis.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T04:50:15.5875413Z
Israel doesn't belong to the Arabs, but the lands with a Palestinian population that is occupied by the Israeli's does. For now, Russia isn't doing very well but we will see what happens in the world 10 years from now.
DavidMGold says2015-08-03T04:57:37.9799800Z
@RussiaPutinBest, "Palestinians" are Arabs..They adopted a national "distinct" national identity to continue their war against Israel by other means having been defeated in conventional warfare. We can thank the Soviet Union for their part in educating the PLO in propaganda. Much more interesting would be a look at the first and second Chechen wars, mass casualties that far exceeded the death toll of the entire Israeli-Arab conflict.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T05:25:28.1374832Z
Russia did commit atrocities during the Second Chechen War. However what America did during the Vietnamese War dwarf even Russia's atrocities in Chechnya. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq America thousands of Iraqi civilians died. However it was Putin's annexation of Crimea that resulted in him being compared to Hitler and hie Anschluss. But as we all know, invading another country was never something Hitler did so therefore Bush wasn't compared to Hitler. Obama believes that America is an exceptional country which is a very dangerous thing. Since America puts the worlds interests before its own (which it doesn't), the United States has a right to invade anybody it wants, as John Mccain said. NATO exists to solve problems that its existence creates. Also, it serves to replace the UN when convenient for America. Back to Israel. Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israeli government. The country that funds this oppression is...America just like they funded an illegal coup in Kiev and supported the Ukrainian government murdering its own civilians.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T07:07:58.2273066Z
It's obvious that I was suggesting that *Russia* was/is occupying Crimea. It's quite likely that you have absolutely no connection to Russia at all though. As Donetsk is actually IN Ukraine--it is not illegally 'occupied' by Ukraine. Rather it is simply Ukrainian territory. I do not view Fox, for starters I'm not ultra-Conservative or particularly pro-American and I do not live in the U.S to readily watch/see it. It is in fact my least favorite media outlet. I'm basing my comment on U.N statistics, which state that the Ukrainian death toll since the invasion of Crimea is over 5,358-- once again considerably more than have been killed by Israeli forces in recent years. The 5,358 statistic was released in February of this year, so obviously since then it would have increased even more.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T07:12:52.3827922Z
Additionally, Palestinians are mixture of Arabs so that comment to DavidMGold entirely contradicts itself. Palestine was never recognized as a country as it had no actual *sovereignty* or legally defined borders.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T14:59:37.5036954Z
Palestinians are being occupied and oppressed by Israel. Sorry but its true.
stargate says2015-08-03T15:11:20.0541989Z
Well you see it palestine is not a country. Also this all dates back to when Israel was fromed. They didn't attack first, arabs attacked first, also they have been surrounded by enemies sense day one. Palestine is part of Israel, just a different part of it, but it is still part of it. Https://en.M.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Israeli–Palestinian_conflict
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T15:14:37.2394629Z
Of course its a part of Israel. Its being occupied ((of a place, especially a country) taken control of by military conquest or settlement)). Also, events that happened half a century ago shouldn't justify Israel killing Palestinians.
stargate says2015-08-03T15:31:11.6834375Z
They are killing israel's civilians, plus russian, oh sorry pro russian rebles in ukraine have killed more people then israel has. Plus they attacked palestine due to terrorism. They had to do it then and there, now yes people died but more would have died if they did nothing.
stargate says2015-08-03T15:31:49.5448802Z
Also if you even read the the stuff in the link then you could understand it a bit more.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T17:57:10.5110898Z
And do you have any information to support or verify that? Saying that the Palestinians are being 'occupied and oppressed' by Israel is just baseless rhetoric that is repeated by people who generally know nothing of the conflict or its history. I will repeat *again* that Palestine was not a country because it had no political sovereignty or legally defined borders prior to the establishment of Israel in 1948. These are two primary requirements for an area of land to be considered a 'country'. The land was in fact sparsely populated prior to Arab and Jewish migration, beginning in the latter stages of the 19th century and significantly increasing during the 1920's-1940's period.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T18:06:57.4492522Z
Syria participated in the 1967 war, which is why Israel is now in control of the Golan Heights. Once again this area did NOT belong to any Palestinian state. Jordan also decided to engage in military action, which is why Israel now has control of large parts of Jerusalem--once again, this was Jordanian area from 1948 and it belonged to no Palestinian country. The settlements in and around East Jerusalem are established on what is *disputed* territory, the reason why they are not illegal is because they are only built on U.N armistice lines [1948] and not actual legally defined borders that were directly given to the Palestinians. So I'll ask, what occupied areas are YOU talking about?
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T18:20:11.6503432Z
Anybody can write something on wikipedia. Pro Russian rebels are defending against the Ukrainian government who is bombing its own civilians. The only people pro Russian separatists have killed are Ukrainian soldiers. The Ukrainian army has taken over half of the donbass since the war started despite so called Russian invasions.
stargate says2015-08-03T20:39:40.0476801Z
They are not so called, they do not get tanks out of no where. That and there has been proof the Russia has done that. Also @emilrose do you mean me or that russian guy?
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T20:51:22.8321851Z
The only places where Russia has tanks would be the independent DPR and LPR which are no longer part of Ukraine.
stargate says2015-08-03T20:53:56.2747687Z
Oh you mean the rebles, oh and they are part of Ukraine. If only we sent troops to help Ukraine. Maybe it will happen once we get a good strong republican in the presidents office.
tajshar2k says2015-08-03T20:56:46.6590609Z
The U.S should follow a Libertarian principle and avoid conflict in Eastern Europe entirely. As usual, we caused this mess,and after going to Iraq twice, we never learned our lesson. Unless, other countries are willing to stop the Russian invasion, then America shouldn't get involved.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T20:59:38.5721629Z
A war between Russia and America would likely become a nuclear war which nobody would survive. I wish your fool republic luck. John Mccain for president. "Screw Russia China, We'll Invade Anybody We Want To."
stargate says2015-08-03T21:01:48.2401941Z
What, for one we never started that war. Two Ukraine wans our help and wants to be in NATO. Who are we to say no. Also Russia is illegally invadeing Ukraine, if we do nothing now it my be to late to stop them latter. Yes people will die, but it could save lives. We have to do it, because if we do nothing people will die and russia will expand.
tajshar2k says2015-08-03T21:04:07.1122843Z
It was the West who helped the Ukrainian opposition gain support to kick the former Pro-Russian Ukrainian president out of power. Putin reacted because of this, and use this as an excuse to takeover Crimea.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:09:17.1174715Z
Ok lets start from the beginning. A) Illegal coup resulting in overthrow of democratically elected president. B) Illegal presidential election. C) Anti-terrorist operation by Ukrainian government against its own civilians (how 10 year old boys can be terrorists is beyond me). America supported all three of these and it was somehow the Crimea referendum that turned out to be illegal. In addition to this, Russia and the separatists are not launching any more offensives. There has not been any serious fighting for months besides minor skirmishes. In short, I have nothing wrong with a group of people wanting to be part of Europe and NATO. However these people must respect those who do not. Russia has a right to protect Russians in eastern Ukraine from the effects of Ukrainian Nationalism, as seen in the May 2, 2014 Odessa Massacre.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:10:30.0011387Z
Both Russia and America have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world. I don't think we want to see the effects of a war between the two.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T21:10:33.3551602Z
The point is that Palestine, especially as it was never a 'country' to begin with, is not occupied by Israel. RussiaPutinBest has thus far failed to outline exactly what areas are 'occupied' and how this corresponds legally and/or illegally with anything. And once again, anybody can state that a group of people are 'oppressed'--the fact is however that you have to present evidence [and not just consistently used rhetoric] in support of that.
tajshar2k says2015-08-03T21:11:42.9628064Z
LOL I just realized this was a poll about Palestine. I thought I was on the Crimea poll lol.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:14:48.2451941Z
Israel killed thousands of Palestinians and left tens of thousands homeless. I recently asked a person from Israel if Palestine is considered occupied and she said yes. She also said that over the last 20 years Israeli's have begun to feel bad about what is happening to Palestinians despite the government trying to portray Israel as the good guys.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:15:23.5482204Z
And the person I asked has only been out of Israel for four years.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:16:52.0325348Z
Also, speaking of Russia expanding, take the time to look at how far NATO has expanded.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T21:19:09.4564584Z
Yep. The relevance of Crimea comes in the fact that Pro-rebel supporters and those who want Russia to continue with its *input* in Eastern Ukraine, are not in a position to criticize Israel or accuse it of occupying/oppressing Palestinians. I'd also say the same about those in the U.S that make the same accusations against Israel; as it is just as hypocritical.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:20:49.4862232Z
The only lands Russia currently controls lands with a majority Russian population. Like you said, Palestinians are Arabs, not Israeli's.
Emilrose says2015-08-03T21:38:39.5932617Z
And? Are you implying that non-Arab nations cannot exist in the Middle East? Try Iran and Turkey for two examples. A large portion of Israeli's have just as much right to reside in that land as they actually have direct Eastern roots and have been in that region for an extremely long time--in fact over 51% of them have. As I expected, you've totally ignored the point regarding Palestine *never* being an actual country which is what you originally claimed.
stargate says2015-08-03T21:40:32.2259837Z
Um you do know Ukraine is not the first nation Russia was started rebellions in. Look at georgia, also they where not targets civilians. The terrorists where hiding with the civilians. This made things really difficult.
stargate says2015-08-03T21:41:52.4728981Z
It is still part of Israel, now if Israel grants them independence then great. But right now they are part of isael, just semi governing itself.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:49:09.1820975Z
Russia didn't start a rebellion in eastern Ukraine, they simply sent troops to defend the rebels who were being attacked by the Ukrainian government. The rebels in eastern Ukraine decided to become independent, Russia wasn't responsible for that. And by the way, America funded the Maidan coup.
stargate says2015-08-03T21:54:56.9395267Z
That is stil illegal, it is still part of ukraine.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T21:57:39.9137714Z
Yes the coup was illegal. Just one correction, Ukraine wasn't part of Ukraine, Ukraine was Ukraine.
stargate says2015-08-03T22:02:10.6067066Z
No, the rebellion is illegal.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T22:04:35.9060380Z
In what way?
stargate says2015-08-03T22:10:43.0075912Z
Well for one Russia is illegal crossing the ukrains international border with Russia.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T22:13:47.3539729Z
Illegal? In what way?
stargate says2015-08-03T22:22:00.0987315Z
Dude you are not allowed to suddenly with no warning send your nations armed forces into a different nation witch is not your ally. It is a illegal act.
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T22:25:54.7242355Z
I'm not sure what America did in Iraq then but ok.
stargate says2015-08-03T22:27:52.4737903Z
Well they asked the UN, but even then.....
tajshar2k says2015-08-03T22:29:05.3262573Z
Doesn't change the fact that what your country did was illegal. Stopping trying to spread your Anti-American rhetoric. BTW, what do you guys call your 1979 Afghanistan invasion?
RussiaPutinBest says2015-08-03T22:30:38.4120540Z
Illegal. Just like what America did in Vietnam was. So Americans should stop being hypocrites. And no the UN didn't allow America to invade Iraq:
stargate says2015-08-03T23:51:03.5369039Z
Look at lest we didn't steal there land.
Haroush says2015-08-04T00:43:30.2330749Z
I don't need to speak on this one.
greatkitteh says2015-08-04T00:45:55.1268037Z
Why is Crimea getting hate? Because putin directly and honestly controks it, and sees it's needs personally. So Why are people defending america? Because Obama uses Puppets in Guam, Saipan, two jima, Micronesia, and even far as south korea. You might even include Germany and the UK.
Haroush says2015-08-04T00:48:33.5926195Z
@Emilrose, Fox News really isn't that conservative of a media organization. Have you not seen it's founder? What about how Glenn Beck got fired from Fox News? Not to mention, most of the people on Fox News are Neo-cons, or fiscal libertarians, not ultra conservatives. This is just a stereotype that liberals have created about Fox News.
greatkitteh says2015-08-04T00:49:28.8481737Z
At least Kim Jong Un is honest about the WMDs. (Hi israel) North Korea devolps His own nukes. America puts countries "Hosting" Nukes, and the ciuntry just happen to be right on the borders of China, North Korea, Russia, India, Venesula, and Iran. Also, Israel's 80 Warheads didn't make a difference in CNN. North korea's 10 Are sure dangerous.
Emilrose says2015-08-04T10:55:34.4973297Z
Again, the criticisms against Israel are ridiculous when you look at who you're actually defending.
Emilrose says2015-08-04T11:00:13.5987188Z
@Haroush, again I'm from Europe so I don't easily get to see Fox news. The few times I've seen it online I haven't been that impressed. To me, it definitely came across as 'conservative' and not very objective/impartial. There's liberal and far-left media outlets that can be equally as biased though.
Haroush says2015-08-04T13:51:21.0916794Z
@Emilrose, I was more so correcting what you said for public sake, not to criticize you necessarily.
tajshar2k says2015-08-04T14:07:29.7735451Z
If Fox News isn't biased, I guess MSNBC isn' either right?
Haroush says2015-08-04T18:47:50.1194956Z
@Taj, If you read that correctly, you would've understood I was saying they are biased. Though since you are bringing up the bigger picture here, let's talk about it. There are aspects of Fox News which makes them biased. The same with CNN. Though MSNBC is very biased. Washington Journal has some aspects of bias in them. Though to be more fair, it really depends on the individual. At least in my opinion, I have experience d good news reporters on both sides of the aisle, but there is the bad ones too. In the end, the media is about how many viewers did we get versus did we report this news in a fair and balanced manner. All news networks are guilty of this.

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