Should Israel recieve foreign aid?

Posted by: Shub-Niggurath

Israel has recieved 121 billion dollars in the last 66 years in foreign aid from the US. Now it's at a all time high of 3.1 billion dollars a year.

  • Yes

  • No

57% 13 votes
43% 10 votes
  • Yes, I believe Israel should receive U.S. Aid. Of course, any nation receiving U.S. Aid has an obligation to participate reasonably and peacefully with the world, not to enact policies that increase strife. The same can be said of the Palestinian government and other nations that receive U.S. Assistance.

  • Just make sure you know where its going.

  • To fight the monsters in ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, PLO, you bet!

  • It's true that Israel has a high civilian casualty rate, but this can be attributed more to the Hamas strategies (frequently used by terrorists) where they try to maximize civilian casualties. They use propaganda to corrupt the minds of civilians, blurring the line between civilian and combatant, and they frequently use women, children, and the elderly as meat shields. They also set up weapon storehouses and bases within hospitals and schools, so that when an attack is prompted, it makes the IDF look bad. Furthermore, the IDF is not actively targeting civilians. A little-known fact in the US: the IDF actually alerts areas about to be bombed so that people have sufficient time to escape. Israel is also the only stable, relatively free, and developed democracy in the Middle-East, which makes them an important strategic and ideological ally. Israel is also the homeland, and the first real official safe haven in history for the Jews, a minority group that most major civilizations for thousands of years have tried to wipe off the map Even if you don't buy the reasons above, the US is currently supplying large amounts of assistance to other countries in the Middle-East (like Qatar) with human rights records that make Israel look like an angel. And we support these countries for reasons not nearly as justifiable as democracy, freedom, or protection of the most hated people in history, we support these countries usually because we like their oil.

  • After all the settlements and the killings of people in Gaza? No. If you have any doubts remember what happened is summer.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • Israel already has a strong and stable economy so foreign aid is not necessary. Gaza is in more need of aid because the civilian casualty rate every since the conflict was much much higher then Israel as well as Palestine having a far weaker economy. Combined with Israels increasing aggression against Gaza under the guise of "self defense" would make the idea of foreign aid to Israel as even more absurd.

  • NO!!! WE don't need to separate ourselves any further with these Arab countries! All we are doing is creating bridges with a country that really can't help us, and breaking bridges with a country which can be very dangerous, and one that we do not want on their bad side.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-01-12T18:14:23.8023720-06:00
Do not forget that many other nations receive aid from the USA. If you cut off aid to Israel, then you need to cut off aid to all those other nations as well.
Emilrose says2015-01-12T18:21:28.5479970-06:00
Oh yeah..But don't forget the U.S pledged $47 million to Gaza, barely any of which will actually go towards civilians.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-12T18:32:48.0596852-06:00
I think foreign aid should be cut off if its used for the wrong reasons. Take genocide for example. Cutting off a tyrant doens't mean you need to cut off all those 3rd world countries who desperatly need it. When it comes to fighting Starvation, Ebola, Aids, Malaria, Clean water, Genocide, Discrimination, etc. These are Justifiable causes. Where is the logic behind your statement? @Vox_Veritas
Vox_Veritas says2015-01-12T18:38:32.7996654-06:00
Before there is any validity to that statement, you must prove that Israel is guilty of tyranny and mass murder.
Emilrose says2015-01-12T18:50:21.3399189-06:00
Technically, a "genocide" is a large-scale cleansing of an entire group of people. The Gaza statistics (even those that are disputable) do not fit that criteria. There's also the fact that conflict only occurs when Hamas fires a sustained number of rockets/missiles into Israeli territory, something else that doesn't correspond with the "genocide" accusation. Moreover, if Israel intended to commit genocide against Palestinian Arabs, it would also target those living within its own borders.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-13T13:10:19.8941463-06:00
@emilrose You should go and visit Israel to see how bad things are over there. 20% of Israel population is Arab. Why is this? Because Israel is absorbing Palestine making life for Palestinians very difficult. Discrimination over there is worse than that of Germany between 1933-1939. They do target Palestinians within their territories seeing the majority of them resides there. Others become refugees in neighboring countries. Few years from now Palestine will only exist in the history books. "Genocide: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group." Israel is fascist.
Emilrose says2015-01-13T13:15:23.0486082-06:00
LOL, I have visited Israel thanks, Going again this summer. The fact there is a 20% Arab population is proves that Israel does not commit genocide. Half of the Arab population, when asked about a two state solution, said they would rather live in an Israeli state than a Palestinian state.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-14T19:07:38.8204011-06:00
@Emilrose Knowing now you are a person of Jewish faith explains why you contradict all the facts. You are baised and gullible to Israels propaganda. It's a well known fact that Jewish people love to sugercoat themselves. When we point out what Israel is doing is wrong they call us anti-Semitic or use the holocaust to shut us up. Israel is fascist, you can't deny the discrimination against Palestinians and you even have the audacity to spread blatant propaganda about "Palestinians would rather live in an Israeli state". A poll carried out in Jerusalem of which only 40% voted in favor of a Israeli state. The 40% of Palestinians who are living in Jerusalem might favor a Israeli state seeing Palestine's political infrastructure in the balance its hardly supprising. They certainly don't represent the majority. Again the majority of 20% Arabs are from illegal occupied territories they had no choice in the matter. If Palestinians wanted to live in Israel tell me why there are roughly 5 million Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA now living in Jordan, Gaza, Lebanon, Westbank, Syria, Egypt, etc. The 2 state solution is never going to happen seeing Palestine will not exist for much longer not forgetting the strong presence of the right-wing Zionists and the fact it would never be fair to begin with. It's all propaganda. Israel has no problem broadcasting the funerals of 3 Jewish people while killing 1000+ Palestinians including children the following day. They committed genocide in Gaza. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Try looking beyond the wall when you visit Israel this summer.
Dilara says2015-01-14T20:24:36.4153079-06:00
Emilirose remember this summer? The in told Israel 17 times not to bomb that school because it had no militants, only refugees and thy bombed it anyway. They killed 1500 people including 500 kids. Watch the 5 minute documentary "the actions of Israeli settlers in Hebron" by Btselem and the documentary "9 days in Palestine". Israel has demolished thousands of Palestinian homes to build settlements. The settlers burn down thousands of arab olive trees a year which is a major source of income for them and they assault Arabs. Some need military escorts to go to school. Settlers also vandalize arab homes. This is all from OCHA and you can read about it on Wikipedia.
Dilara says2015-01-14T20:26:15.0510377-06:00
Us support of Israel is one of the few things I agree with liberals on. As a human being I don't want innocent kids to die.
Emilrose says2015-01-15T06:01:53.0353937-06:00
"now you are a person of Jewish faith explains why you contradict all the facts." and " It's a well known fact that Jewish people love to sugercoat themselves.". You do realize how discriminatory that sounds? The fact you state such things is precisely why your comments are *not* to be taking seriously. You have shown an obvious bias on the issue.
Emilrose says2015-01-15T06:11:02.3242724-06:00
I'll point out that it's places like Egypt, Syria, and Jordan where so-called "Palestinians" come from in the first place. I suggest you study the Arab migration rates to Palestine from the 1800's to the 1940's. It was never an Arab land.
Shub-Niggurath says2015-01-15T09:17:32.0876911-06:00
@emilrose Again you are contradicting all the facts by changing the subject. Suddenly you don’t take this argument seriously. Fine. I’ll take genocide, illegal occupation and the displacement of 5million+ refugees seriously. I don’t favor Muslims over Jews. If the roles were reversed I’d argue against the Palestinians. Check the Israeli’s and US media every now and then and see them praise themselves for their actions against terrorism yet turning a blind eye to the slaughter of innocent adults and children not to mention the destruction of their homes. Play devils advocate when speaking to people of Jewish faith indoctrinated by Israel’s/USA's propaganda and you’ll get the same responses. I’ve viewed this situation from a neutral standpoint for years and sorry if I appear biased but I’m simple stating the facts and how Jews respond to issues like this. When things get too difficult they call us anti Semitic. What you just did too. You can't take critisism, which is why you lack conduct. Where they come from is irrelevant. The Palestinians have lived there long enough, which gives them the right to stay. Booting them out now is immoral and unjustified. Same thing happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany. Situations like this shouldn't be repeated.

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