Should it be illegal to feed the homeless people?

Posted by: face1995

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wildmanz says2015-01-26T18:13:14.7592209-06:00
It should be illegal to feed you
Santa_The_Satanist says2015-01-28T11:51:42.8645887-06:00
What? Because I'm Jewish?
face1995 says2015-01-28T13:16:48.7951923-06:00
I'm only asking this question because some people are against homeless people and are way unfriendly to them. I am not against homeless people. Also, I read some things online that said that some cities banned people from feeding the homeless. I do not answer yes on much of my questions. I just ask them because I want to know what the people overall think about that topic. Criticizing is wrong. Assumption is dangerous and can lead to such consequences. Assuming that I am against the homeless just because I ask this question is illogical. If you don't like the question, first ask what was my purpose to post this question. Don't criticize or tell me which questions I should not post. I see many questions too that I don't like, and I don't tell them not to post that question. I just don't answer that question. If there is a question that you really don't like and you think it is bad for that person to think about those types of questions, don't criticize that person. Just don't answer the question. Everybody is free here to choose which questions to respond and which ones not to respond to. Nobody is forcing you to answer every question. We are not required, expected, or advised to answer every question. It's as simple as that.
janice.marquis3 says2015-02-19T15:33:11.8836014-06:00
Never anyone can end up homeless. The cause is automaton, massive immigration and rich people and greed..

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