Should "It is not natural" be Considered a Valid Argument to hinder Scientific Progress?

Posted by: firewall200

Is "its not natural" really a good excuse for not advancing our society?

  • Yes

  • No

8% 2 votes
92% 23 votes
  • Vaccines aren't natural.

  • Look at from an outsiders' perspective. As if you're a member of an alien species monitoring life on earth throughout it's entire history. The humans are just the animal that for now has ended up at the top of the food chain. Now they've developed the steam engine, completely natural, just those humans developing and socially evolving. Oh wow look those humans can alter genetics. Took us double the time to do that. Now they can digitalise their brains. Uh-oh, they didn't colonise another planet before the ice age hit. Wow, radical climate change and they all died. Oh wow look small mammals survived. See, just another animal that's evolving, nothing unnatural bout our scientific advancements.

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digitalbeachbum says2014-03-29T07:35:23.1231568-05:00
Science is natural.
Macgreggor says2014-03-29T20:26:17.6714114-05:00
Not when it comes to putting hormones into food. Then you have anomalies occur. Thay may be natural, but naturally offensive like three headed babies. Der?
HannahsArts says2014-03-31T11:44:00.0452372-05:00
Development is natural. Evolving is natural. Knowledge is natural.
DebateKing16 says2014-03-31T20:44:18.2630337-05:00
No matter what we would never be able to find out the things we know due to the fact that if we preformed the experiments on animals then the animal rights activists would be all of the scientists even more than they already are and the results would be inconclusive which then means that science would never be able to evolve and expand like its suppose to.

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