Should John Kasich drop out of the presidential race?

Posted by: NewLifeChristian

Ben Carson is dropping out, is it time for Kasich to drop out, as well?

  • Yes, John Kasich should drop out of the race.

  • No, John Kasich should stay in the race.

94% 16 votes
6% 1 votes
  • It's about time he drops out. He didn't score too many delegates during Super Tuesday.

  • If the GOP legitimately wants to get Trump off their ticket, they're going to need to narrow down their list of candidates and fast. But regardless, Kasich ain't winning this thing; there's no reason for him to stay in.

    Posted by: U.n
  • John Kasich is in the single digits in the polls.

  • He doesn't stand a chance at getting enough delegates to win. He might get a few here and there, but all it accomplishes is taking away from the two currently in the lead. He's not even doing as well as Rubio, who also is in the same boat. It's possible he (and Rubio?) is just trying to tie up enough delegates so that neither Trump nor Cruz can get the number required to be the nominee, thinking the GOP will then choose him. It's a dirty game against the voters. I have my own choice, but will support the nominee in the main election regardless of who it is, provided they obtained that nomination fair and square (the will of the people, as indicated by votes). But if the GOP thwarts the will of the people with this type of trickery, I refuse to vote for their candidate. I'll bet there's a lot of people who feel that way. I hope the GOP is smart enough to understand that.

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