Should kids 11 and up be able to play m rated games?

Posted by: creepermf

  • Yes

  • No

60% 12 votes
40% 8 votes
  • ONLY if they are mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong and understand that they cannot perform any of the acts depicted in the games, as well as understanding that it is in fact only a game and not reality. The "Mature" rating should be just that - be mature enough to play a game. I know some 17 year olds who aren't nearly as mature as some 12 or 13 year olds, although age does play a role in maturity levels, it's the way the child was raised and how his environment shapes him that determines his maturity most.

  • I played Black Ops when I was in 5th grade. Its alright, if you are mature, and won't take a gun and kill people.

  • If your kid isn't an idiot, they know that video games not are realistic. If they are an idiot they are probably too much of a coward to actually carry out a violent action in a video game in real life. If they are not a coward, they probably will not have the ability to carry out these actions. If they do have that ability, the common sense and human nature should kick in at the last minute and tell them not to. If the child is mentally disturbed, then this will not kick in. If they are mentally disturbed, they shouldn't be playing in the first place. This is why school shootings and stuff like that are extremely rare and are almost never because of video game violence.

  • i think mature kids who are 13 and up should be able to.

  • Even though they play them anyway it shouldn't be legal.

  • they have the rating for a reason, kids think they can handle it, but are very impressionable Source: 17 year old who can buy M rated games, sick of hearing 12 year olds on call of duty threaten to track me down and beat me up.

  • Some people argue that if they are mature enough to know right from wrong. However they are still exposed to harsh language (from the game itself as well as other players). Also, even if they know right from wrong and good from bad, at this age kids are like sponges and their brains develop quickly with the information provided to them. Their brains adapt to what they learn from their surrounding environment. I would never let my 11 year old play GTA V (for example), if I had a kid.

  • No 16s if they are mature enough to know not to do the stuff in games, but not 18.

    Posted by: LeviH
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Tumblrnatic says2015-04-30T13:34:17.3659904-05:00
What rating is 'm' in england?
creepermf says2015-04-30T13:36:39.3564170-05:00
I agree with mister_man, and i am 11 and play cod and watch dogs
creepermf says2015-04-30T13:37:05.3836997-05:00
M in england is pegie 16 or 18
PetersSmith says2015-04-30T13:37:24.7217986-05:00
They ask their moms to get them for them, so they'll just play them anyway.
brandenschirpke117 says2015-04-30T13:38:40.1019650-05:00
You're 11, why don't you play minecraft or something?
geauxpelicans5 says2015-04-30T13:38:58.8096088-05:00
Just wait till your 17 then you can play them for the rest of your life to your heart's content.
reissalvin1998 says2015-05-04T17:50:08.8546529-05:00
The problem is how do you you measure "maturity"? I believe it is best for a person to age and gain some experience from life to ensure they have better understanding of what is right and what is wrong, and not what makes them feel good. If you can find an accessible and affordable guideline to measure "maturity", then we just have to stick to the age-based one.

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