Should kids be able to use their phones in school?

Posted by: kkmedia

  • NO

  • Yes

41% 26 votes
59% 37 votes
  • Students should be able to learn to not always turn to a smartphone the second they can. This includes school, Which is a learning environment, Not free time.

    Posted by: zhaod1
  • A Phone ain't nothin' but a fancy waffle iron with a TV on it.

  • I'm sort of a little mixed on this because it depends on when and where specifically students use it in school. Though my general answer is no. When it comes to classes, Definitely no as it can become a distraction to lessons as how it can become a distraction on dates or when students are studying. Me for example and I've heard this from many other people too, When I study and my phone is in my sight or near me, I get tempted to play on my phone. Also back in my high school students were using wireless earphones to listen to music and draw on their notebooks rather than listen to the teacher. Some people may also oppose me on this, That students should always have their phones, Even in class for emergencies, But that's not a big issue. Parents can just call the teacher or principal and ask to talk to their kid. Now the part where I say yes, Students should use their phones is when they're not in class. Though that can make some students socially isolated, It can also connect students as well and kill some of their boredom.

  • no because they can be very distracting

  • because i said so

  • Kids can be distracted by phones, And they only ever use them for calculators, Which the school have (Hopefully).

  • My school personally doesn't have very strict rules on this and its just fine kids listen to music in class as long as the teacher or someone else isn't talking in front of the class and no one uses them in the hallways or something so each I think its fair game

  • No, Because school was meant to study.

  • Kids shouldn't have to rely on technology for learning, I am a child myself and almost never use my phone. I shake my head at people who said "Yes" to this poll.

  • Can we PLEASE leave phones out of SOMETHING? ! They are already a part of every single other thing we do - kids should learn how to be without their phones for 7 hours a day.

  • I am very supportive of the idea that using a phone at school can be handy at times for educational purposes, In terms of googling answers instantly, But I also strongly feel that phones can inhibit you from thinking critically and educating yourself on a spectrum of topics that you could really pull from highly credible sources that are still on the shelves. Sometimes, You can't always make believe or draw conclusions yet from the internet. Whether the facts are true or aren't true, STILL reevaluate that source. In addition to being phone savvy, It can also be very distracting to you and others. No matter the excuse, The teacher may be thinking "I've worked so hard to get here as a teacher and I don't feel as important as that phone" while feeling angst and resentment. A professor might take a different approach. . . Since education is now optional in college, Why waste the money and take time away from the teacher or their lesson plans, Whether boring or not? Just scram if you think you'll rely so much on your phone for the majority of your lifetime. It's not even funny anymore. It's just sad.

  • Phones are too distracting!

  • I'm assuming since you just said school that you are including passing periods and lunch and free periods, All that fun stuff. In that case there is no reason not to. Unless the in instruction then I don't care, And you really don't need to either.

  • just in case u have ur mom txt u and say they are going or a house bured or something

  • how else am i gunna clash b

  • It should be student's choice how they spend their time. During a lecture, You should have to ability to work on something else or message your friends as long as your grades reflect the fact that you are listening.

  • As a student, I have seen many students abuse have the ability to use their phones. However for students who actually use their phones to be productive as well as be able to contact their parents or what not, It's very useful to have it. Students at least should be able to use it during lunch or break periods.

  • They should only be allowed to use when on recess time, Or lunch time.

  • I believe that students should be able to use there phone in schools unless there is a test or if the student is struggling in the class the teacher can give the student a warning to put the phone away

  • At a certain point you've got to allow children to make their own choices. If a student chooses to use their phone - that's on them. They will reap the consequences when they see their grades. Phones being used to cheat, Like any method of cheating, Should be confiscated, But children have used paper to cheat, And banning paper is entirely illogical. Phones can also be quite a useful tool in schools, And allow for communication between students and the outside world that could be necessary in specific situations.

    Posted by: bethb
  • Because they all do it anyways. Why make a rule if it was broken before it even was made?

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