• Abolish Hyperness it is horrible

  • No let kids be hyper

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  • How do you abolish hyperness...? We should surely teach them to control their hyperness, but a ban isn't likely to do anything...

  • Being hyper has to do with being a kid. It's completely normal, and not a thing you should try to control, or dull out. As kids grow up, their hyperactivity goes down significantly. It's completely natural. However, if this hyperactivity is interfering with schoolwork, relationships and friendships, then that's when you should probably see a pediatrician, and try to control. So, unless a child has A.D.H.D, you shouldn't control a child's energy levels, or hyperactivity, for it's completely natural.

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Stefy says2015-05-22T10:42:27.0793790-05:00
Thats just how kids are. Cant deal? Dont have a kid.
MrWaffle says2015-05-22T11:13:24.8307753-05:00
Kids need to have fun
Krampus says2015-05-26T10:04:16.1396628-05:00
This makes total sense! If you ever see a child act hyper, call the cops immediately! They need to be jailed and their parents fined for failing their most important job. I'm going to go start the protests, my sign will read "Ban hyper until they don't need a diaper!". Who's with me?..../s
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-26T11:00:27.0752429-05:00
@Krampus: LOL

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