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snkcake666 says2016-03-05T05:03:32.1326985Z
@Strongly Cheating, working for the sake of grades alone, and extrinsic values is the only string which binds the system together already. The life line is already short- not that students ever attend schools for actual education anymore. At least a source of income might prevent some of the massive population of drop-outs from quitting altogether.
3168175 says2016-03-09T17:13:30.6505751Z
Giving money to your child for an A or B is a form of positive reinforcement, encouraging them to do well in school!
peetaur says2016-03-14T23:06:55.9659775Z
As long as it's not extorted out of the unwilling population like in some communist legalized robbery scheme, and the parents decide on it, you could at least try it as an experiment.
EmilzIsHere says2016-04-24T07:03:06.9569271Z
I think incentive to do well is okay, but yet, I don't think it should be necessary. I only voted "yes" because it worked for me when I was struggling in middle school. But, I don't think it should be a requirement by any means. That's completely up to the parents. It's not exactly an unrealistic concept, though. When you do well at work, you get rewarded with bonuses, pay raises, and extras.
DeadRavagerGames says2016-10-05T01:43:50.7943537Z
Paying kids for getting good grades encourages them to do better and achieve better marks for their education

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