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I do believe that kids should have a free education because many parents may not be able to pay their child's college tuition if you dont have the money why pay for it i think the government should pay for the child's tuition

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Jenae.ross says2016-11-09T14:47:10.1033573Z
College free for someone, is higher payment and taxes for someone else. Also, if college I free, how are teachers going to get paid? They won't because schools won't have any money. Then teachers won't be able to provide, and everything will go downhill. (I repeated this because I am passionate about this and I am showing it to those who don't read the comments.)
Thewigs says2016-11-09T17:51:45.3273651Z
I think education is great. We all benefit from smarter individuals - until they leave the country of course. If we as tax payers provide free education for people, those people should also be expected to work and live in the country for a determined minimal time - to bring value.

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