• Yes

  • No

68% 15 votes
32% 7 votes
  • because it protects the kids from getting an infection and spreading it to other kids or animals

    Posted by: seanic
  • Your kid can be life or death to another kid by being a carrier. For various reasons some people have weakened immune systems (from cancer therapy to autoimmune diseases etc...) and you are jeopardizing that child's life by not vaccinating your child if she or his is well enough to receive these vaccinations. Frankly it's selfish not to. Nobody loves needles, but some vaccines come in nasal sprays; look into it. It's not about you or your child, it's about the others.

    Posted by: maggs
  • This answer to this question should be blatantly obvious. Without getting vaccinations, you put your health at risk. The better question would be: why would you not want to get vaccinated?

  • Absolutely. Children who are not being vaccinated are putting other children at risk. This is certainly not the intention of those parents who decide not to vaccinate their children, but unfortunately this is the result of not vaccinating. There is especially a risk for premature babies who are able to leave the hospital but cannot yet receive certain vaccinations.

  • I don't think they should have to, but they should be excluded from vaccinated kids

  • no don t you know???/ autism is the main cause of vaccines!?!?!?!!!11

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hcd1997 says2016-02-23T20:59:49.4111336Z
Hahaha Nope

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