Should kids have to wear school uniforms?

Posted by: mybirdsarecool

What do you think

  • No

  • Yes

73% 19 votes
27% 7 votes
  • Kids should be able to express their freedoms by wearing normal clothes.

  • In America, no, because it is technically the law. Wearing the clothing you want falls under freedom of speech. uniforms limit kids' imagination and their expressiveness

    Posted by: SB1359
  • I think no because while it supported that it prevents distraction, supposedly, it encourages creativity. People tell kids to be themselves and what would it be like if everyone was the same, yet they are stuck wearing the same clothes and not able to express their individuality efficiently.

  • It takes away creativity i'm 13 and i hate the idea

  • I dont mind casual dress but im certainly not against uniforms either. If i had to choose id go with yes.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Prefer strict dress code, but if not uniforms would do.

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