Should Kim Davis, County Clerk of Rowan County, KY be charged with contempt of court and jailed?

Posted by: wsmunit7

  • Yes

  • No

78% 14 votes
22% 4 votes
  • She was ordered by the court to respect the law of the land and live up to her oath to uphold it, but she refused. When a person refuses a court order, they are in contempt of court and should be punished accordingly. If she wanted to make a principled stand against same-sex marriage, she should have resigned.

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JA93 says2015-09-05T21:39:53.3241514Z
She should be held liable for her actions before she became a clerk she took an oath, the law supports gay/ lesbian marriages and there for she should respect their right to get married, what ever her beliefs of religion should not be an issue because when this country was funded it was one of the main concepts the founding fathers where trying to avoid , if all of our political leaders again started to execute law based on religious beliefs (or gods authority)this country would become the same type of government it was trying to get away from , that is why it is stated the separation of church and state , and although the freedom of religion is stated , and Mrs.Davis does have her religious freedom right, every ones civil rights are restricted at the point where they begin to interfere with somebody else s right , mrs.Davis is not being forced to give up her religion but is being asked to comply with the law and another human beings civil right, by knowing she is only complying with the law based on an oath she took her conscious should be clear since it is not based on her personal moral choosing, but an execution of a law she promised to follow, if she now knows that this law is an issue she should resign and allow another capable candidate to be able to execute the law .

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