Should laws be reframed to stop violence against female? If yes then how

Posted by: prerna_dhariwal

  • Yes i think laws should be reframed and should be made more strict and implemented all across the country and the world.

  • No, i think laws should not be reframed as there are already many laws made but the laws are not followed so the government should make sure that the laws are followed across the country

25% 3 votes
75% 9 votes
  • A law should be made to refrain violence for BOTH genders, not just females as both genders are equal.

  • all genders suffer from violence. sure it might happen to females more, but that doesn't mean that male victims should be overlooked. however, the government should focus on enforcing stricter laws.

    Posted by: In2You
  • I think that laws should not reframed as there are already many laws to save women but the problem is that many women do not know about their rights but if we educate them then the laws can be enforced and people will not be able to hurt a women because they will be able to fight back.

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Fastkoolkirby says2017-12-08T01:51:02.0984149Z
The fuck is this supposed to be? Whats it about?

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