Should learning a second language be required in secondary school?

Posted by: emsbeale

Learning a second language has shown to raise one's IQ, build patience, and help with one's own language. However, should this be required of every secondary schooler?

  • Yes

  • No

65% 15 votes
35% 8 votes
  • By students learning a second language by the time the reach high school and get a job they will probably earn double salary for being able to speak 2 or more languages.

  • Learning another language gives you the chance to qualify for extra payment in your salary and it allows you to communicate with people that you would not expect. Learning a second language when you are young improves verbal skills and also IQ. Overall, learning a second language may be work, but it is well worth the effort.

  • because it can give you insight in to a completely different culture that would have never been accessible to you before

  • LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE CAN HELP IN THE WORKPLACE. Whether it is Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi or another language, there is high chance it will be better for you to know some language associated with your region (other than English). Also, learning another language in school is not pressuring at all, because schools learn language with pace and not just throwing information out.

  • Schools already spread out studies too much. They should focus more on training students to do the things they are actually going to do. Broadening the areas of study so that people have to go to school longer and accrue more debt for knowledge that they likely won't use much and will likely forget does not significantly benefit society.

  • I agree that learning a second language has advantageous effects on a person's cognitive skills and learning processes; however, I believe it should not be mandatory. Having an extra class for a second language takes up a lot of time and focus. I surmise it would be better for students to focus on the field of their passion (that is, unless they want to work abroad and connect with other people).

  • It should be up to the student. While learning a second language can open many doors for people in the workforce, some peoples' brains are not equipped to learn new languages. Some people simply have other courses that they believe would better suit their needs or be a better use of their time.

  • Most people I know, who took 2 years of a language at school, do not become fluent in that language, due to not being immersed in the language, and not speaking and learning it daily. As time goes by, it is easy to forget much of what is learned, unless it is spoken frequently, or if one has a true desire to learn the language and takes the initiative to continue beyond the classroom. A better option would be a required Personal Finance class, so that students leave high school with a better understanding of earning credit, living within a budget, avoiding debt and interest charges, saving for the future, etc. This would benefit all students and save many from making poor money choices as adults.

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