• Yes

  • No

68% 27 votes
32% 13 votes
  • Dat ass.

  • Why the f*ck should I care what somebody wants to wear-- regardless of their gender or sex.

  • Yes but only reallyy tight ones.

  • I think that girls and women should be able to wear legging only if they are covering up their butts by pulling down their tops

    Posted by: Jrqs
  • Why not...? Seriously why not? Coming from a guy, I think they look good and the girls are always saying how comfortable they are. That's like saying "should vests really be warn as swaters?"

  • Who cares? Let people wear whatever they want. You can go out in a g-string and pasties and I won't care as long as you aren't being rude to anyone.

  • Leggings are more comfortable then jeans and look more fancy then sweat pants.

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