Should Lin-Manuel Miranda apologize to Mike Pence?

Posted by: funfun1867

It is to my knowledge that the Hamilton cast has "ridiculed" mike pence when he came to see the well-known play, Hamilton . I would like to know your opinion on to what The Hamilton cast should do referring to the situation. Now, I am not a Mike Pence "follower", but it is not right to boo a person who has decided to support you. Even though Lin Miranda did not partake in this , I would like to know, do YOU think he should apologise?

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda should apologize

  • No! It isn't his fault, and he isn't responsible for his cast.

14% 3 votes
86% 18 votes
  • NO! It wasn't the cast or Lin-Manuel Miranda it was the crowd. If anyone is going to apologize it should be the crowd. The cast has absolutely nothing to do with it and shouldn't be

  • A brief statement verbalizing the fear of many was made. It was to the point and gave voice to many. It is sad that Trump has made so much of this. He wasn't even involved. Yet he doesn't have much to say about the alt right sickening words.

  • The cast didn't do anything, it was the audience that was rude. Plus, Lin isn't even in the show anymore; I don't think he was even there.

  • No, and I'm a republican. Pence doesn't even care for the apology. It's Trump that wanted one through his twitter account. He needs to to do less tweeting and more learning.

  • The cast of that show voiced their concerns. That's free speech. That's how democracy works. If you're against their right to say what they said then you're anti-democracy and fundamentally un-American.

    Posted by: brycef
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averyboh says2017-01-19T17:37:52.4708389Z
Its isn't Lin's fault nor is it the casts. Both Lin and most of the original cast has left the show so therefore, it is not his fault. Pence doesn't care for an apology, Trump is the one trying to get an apology and he wasn't even there! HA! Trump should just keep is giant orange nose out of it.

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