Should Listening to music be allowed during work time in School

Posted by: Nivvi

This is only during work time when the teacher is not teaching and you are doing your work alone

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It should be allowed when the teacher allows it.
15 votes


It should never be allowed
5 votes
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carm1003 says2014-07-07T17:47:11.7484385-05:00
Students need to stay focused
rockcityboy says2014-07-07T18:42:58.8779112-05:00
But music makes people relax
debate_power says2014-07-08T17:09:48.8257450-05:00
Well, actually I'll look into this one. I'd love to be able to listen to classical music during school.
aiyagesi123 says2014-07-10T10:26:22.0389294-05:00
As my own experience, listening music at the work time will significantly affect the efficiency of study. Student cannot concentrate on their work especially when they listen the songs with lyrics. If they want to relax by music, then stop working to relax, otherwise, neither relax or work will be ruined.

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