Should Logan Have survived at the end of x-men movie "Logan"?

Posted by: TallPeopleMatter

Ok, so we do understand Logan, Charles, and Caliban die, but what if only logan survive? . Logan could have teached the kids how to fight, and advance themselves in the techniques he and his deceased comrades had been through. Wolverine with his age, yet he had the healing capability to live longer and die to a next movie where the little mutants were further experienced. Logan could have became the new "Charles" to the kids.

  • Yes

  • No

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • 1.Even though he got weaker and weaker, it doesn't mean that he'll die sooner and sooner. 2. He's the main character. Why would the main character die? In other movies or series or something, the main character doesn't die!! The main character gets hurt, but then he/she heals again. 3. Like in other movies such as Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman doesn't die. She stays alive and tries to save the world. Like what Steven or Steve said, he said, "I can save tomorrow. You can save the world." That eventually means that wonder woman actually wants to save the world instead of dying. 4. Steven or Steve is not the main character. Wonder Women is. That's why it's called Wonder Women. And for this movie, it's called Logan. Logan is the main character, and main characters do not die. They instead get hurt and fight for their family. Fight for their rights. Fight for the World. 5. Even though Logan got weaker and weaker, doesn't mean he HAS to die. I bet Logan wanted to stay alive and protect the world. He wants to be like a superhero such as Wonder Woman.

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