Should LSD be legal?

Posted by: ECLP

LSD has proven its points and causes no harm who knows it could be good?

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No it should not be legal

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There has only been a handful of deaths caused by it either by accident or dealing. There was only 1 death caused after a girl thought she could fly and jumped off her balcony but that was purley a accident while there also have been chemists who have tampered with the chemical and created a more dangerous or potent version of it other than that there has been no other problems from it :3


It should be legal

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Considering LSD has had a checkered past that spans for only a good 10 years the chemical has proven a medical miricale and has many benefits for peoples health of the mind and body. LSD has proven to be a cure to the never ending pain of cluster head aches and people have been a better person by taking the chemical. There are also no after effects and if some one says there where after effects then they are lying because there where never studies done after it was made class 1 substance all over the world after the 60's

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ECLP says2014-06-04T08:28:27.5203149-05:00
Sorry about the legal picture i though it was to encourage lsd :3
debate_power says2014-06-04T09:38:35.3009085-05:00
Explain, please, why acid does no harm to one's health.
ECLP says2014-06-04T10:35:25.9201803-05:00
I have used acid before and i have not had 1 after effect other than understanding the world a little better and there are famous people who have used acid and either benefited from it or have stoped using out of fear of what they saw. Frankly though there are no studies that show there is harm and there has never been recorded harm from after effects and the chemicals do not kill brain cells or harm them instead they increase the brains perception and allows your brain to process about 35% more than it would in a standard reality. There is also teh example of timothy leary who did over 300 hits of acid and he was a harvard professor.
madness says2014-06-04T14:05:23.7406960-05:00
Drugs are bad....Mkaaayy
hd1997 says2014-06-04T22:37:48.8208672-05:00
Lsd should never be legal to any one
Subutai says2014-06-04T22:47:40.8844283-05:00
@hd1997: Why not?
hd1997 says2014-06-05T08:02:43.1512716-05:00
Because drug should not be legal unless it is prescribed by a doctor
Subutai says2014-06-05T09:42:56.5145472-05:00
Again, why not?
debate_power says2014-06-05T20:40:41.0450744-05:00
I'm extremely cautious of anything that alters your state of mind so significantly, even when faced with certain "proven statistics".
Subutai says2014-06-05T20:44:33.6830228-05:00
There have been no documented deaths from an overdose of LSD, and on top of that, it is physiologically well tolerated and there is no evidence for long-lasting physiological effects on the brain or other parts of the human organism. Regardless, it's negligible harm to others means that there's no reason to make it illegal.
debate_power says2014-06-05T20:49:46.7169727-05:00
I still will do everything I can to find information that would state otherwise, because I'm extremely doubtful and I can have my doubts.
Subutai says2014-06-05T20:50:59.8142228-05:00
Would you like to debate it?
debate_power says2014-06-05T20:52:24.3861727-05:00
Not presently, but I'll let you know if my doubtful investigations bear any fruit.
Subutai says2014-06-05T20:53:06.4862228-05:00
I'll get back to you in a couple of weeks. I'll challenge you and you can either accept or decline.
debate_power says2014-06-05T20:53:48.6532460-05:00
Right. Thanks, Subutai.
hd1997 says2014-06-06T06:02:03.1106136-05:00
Are drugs good for you pool
Subutai says2014-06-06T09:04:38.5640660-05:00
@hd1997: Wait, what?
Kreakin says2014-06-07T15:17:17.9860276-05:00
LSD may not kill you but there are things worse than death.. Living with hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia and voices in your head are very realy possible outcomes from using LSD. It can easily trigger lasting psychosis if you are vulnerable. It is in the same class as heroin for a reason..

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