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Yes, it should be legalized.

18 votes

No, it should not be legalized.

13 votes
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Heterodox says2016-02-29T22:36:20.3052336Z
There are 17,987 polls asking this question in the last 2 months. Why?
R3ALIST says2016-03-04T21:27:56.5407177Z
Use of Marijuana doesn't make you a horrible person nor a drug addict. Marijuana is a herb, when Marijuana is discussed within a conversation the word "drug" comes into place when really Marijuana is a plant. Doctors prescribe Marijuana to help cancer patience, Veterans, or anyone with an affect that they believe is necessary to allow the use of Marijuana. Cocaine, Heroine, Meth, or any other drug shouldn't be categorized with Marijuana because it's a plant grown from the ground, drugs are man made.
Heterodox says2016-03-05T03:47:58.6685205Z
@R3ALIST, Uhm, cocaine is made using the leaves from the coca plant, heroine is made using the resin of poppy plants.
aviatr says2016-04-18T05:19:18.8506513Z
It is proven not that dangerous in comparison to alcohol. So why is alcohol okay and not marijuana? Allow businesses to make money off it and put a high tax on it to help pay for healthcare. If you don't agree with it, that's fine, you do not have to. Each responsible person can decide for themselves instead of having someone else telling them.

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