• Yes, martial arts should become mandatory

  • No, martial arts should not become mandatory

25% 4 votes
75% 12 votes
  • Yes Martial Arts is very important mainly because it teaches you the core parts of meditation, discipline, self-defense and control. Believe me or not, this will also reduce the diabetes rate, cancer rates, sickness rates because it makes your immune system very very strong.

  • Yes. Martial arts promotes good health, self-responsibility, self-control and integrity. It's as we need to the training to earn the gun permits.

  • Yes. My dad had to take martial arts for school as a kid, and he benefited from it very much. I believe that there is little harm that can come in training people to defend themselves.

  • Not everyone wants to be a future martial artist or athlete! Martial arts can be very risky and dangerous! To force people to take martial arts would be like forcing people to commit suicide! It's just not right!

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