Should marvel relaunch black widow as lesbian?

Posted by: Iron_Wolf287

Please give your opinion and leave reasons for why you think so

  • Marvel should relaunch black widow as lesbian

  • Marvel should not relaunch black widow as lesbian

30% 9 votes
70% 21 votes
  • Sexuality needs to be more diverse in the Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Having a few characters that are gay wouldn't hurt.

    Posted by: reece
  • Black Widow needs her own film, this will spark more interest in the LGBT community as well as the Marvel fans giving it a bigger hype, and hopefully more female superheros in the spotlight for once. Also, Marvel needs some LGBT characters in films, as do every genre.

  • yes what the hell is wrong with all of you I dont want some dirty man kissing black widow. as long as it is another hot chick kissing her then I'am fine with that. We should also just give the LGBT community their piece of the pie. yes absoutly cast black widow as a lesbian best marvel idea in years.

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reece says2015-07-26T09:18:29.7484258-05:00
Also in their television series too.
Thescarecrow066 says2015-07-27T12:28:09.2309903-05:00
Yea theres no reason for it all...
squeakly54n6 says2019-02-04T19:46:10.3646070Z
That is completely unnecessary.

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