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burtpenguin says2020-06-26T00:18:11.5648686Z
Only people at risk should quarantine
EricT0010359 says2020-06-26T20:32:16.3433461Z
Technically the virus will kill anyone so everyone is at risk
seanh1345 says2020-06-27T07:46:21.9979011Z
T helps the quarantine of the whole country, And the country that has masks are winning the virus! Korea, Has only 30-50 confirmed a day, And this is partly the help of the mask. Well, The government that is really different with Trump's government made it, Too.
RogueDebates says2020-06-27T07:49:48.0191974Z
COVID 19 is not an airborne transmission. It is mainly through touch. How is the mask even helping here? If you touch someone regardless of whether you are wearing a mask or not, It won't help you in any way!
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-06-27T12:35:53.7279601Z
Its up to you to save people from themselves now eh? Time for WWIII.
SamuelWH says2020-06-28T15:30:10.2988722Z
Masks can restrict breathing and some people have died because of this.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2020-06-29T17:53:06.1457227Z
Seanh1345, Sweden has ZERO restrictions and next to no "outbreaks. " The virus is a total SHAM. Go to Lincoln Karim's channel on YT and look up his B. S. Hospital videos. You have to know WHERE to look and those people who think the middle east is their home land, Are the ones perpetrating this hoax on humanity. Wake up. NO mainstream media is going to tell you any TRUTH.

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