Should medicaid be expanded to all people below the poverty line

Posted by: ChosenWolff

  • The poor deserve free insurance and care from the taxpayers.

  • No, people should be accountable for their own healthcare, and we can't afford more free healtcare

67% 6 votes
33% 3 votes
  • In order to afford it we should cut back MILITARY funding. Too much money goes to the military as is.

  • I have very little tolerance for useless things. There are three girls in my class who do nothing but talk and text all throughout class. Then after class, they meet up with their little friends and skip the next classes. They think they're cool, when the go smoke pot in the bathrooms and gossip. When they get older, they will be the people asking the government for handouts. These people should be forced to work or starve. People who truly have no other option should receive our aid. My mother and grandmother are raising me with the aid of government funding. While there is a minority that abuses the system, some people do need help.

  • Sure so long as they dont mind the medicare repayment policy. they could be forfeiting their assets/inheritance to family at the time of death, It's their choice. An expansion does not mean you must be on it.

  • No, we should lower premiums to make insurance more affordable, so people can both get it cheap while also being personally and fiscally responsible. The complete expansion proposal by this nations ultra liberals is upsetting. I prefer a 80% expansion, but nothing more (80% expansion would be 50% below the poverty line)

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ChosenWolff says2014-07-08T21:40:50.2021495-05:00
Affordable Healthcare is a much better alternative. It's fiscally responsible and costs no money from the tax payers, who have suffered to many taxes already.
kem.wills1 says2014-09-04T23:34:08.7733655-05:00
Sure so long as they don't mind the medicaid repayment policy. They could be forfeiting their assets/inheritance to family at the time of death, It's their choice.

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