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karlmarx59 says2016-09-11T05:26:09.6933756Z
Men have fucked up he process for years, they need to get the hell out.
triangle.128k says2016-09-11T05:36:58.4201486Z
Lol okay retarded female supremacist @karlmarx
Heterodox says2016-09-11T07:09:47.7167521Z
@karlmarx59, What are you talking about, "Men have fucked up he process for years..."? You don't think there has been any progress in the last several hundred years? I definitely do. I mean we use to shit in our drinking water, without treating/cleaning it...|| Heck, beings this is a sex issue, name me one technological, economical, or sociological advancement that has made people's (this would include both, not just one or the other, men and women) lives easier and/or better that a woman was responsible for. I am sure there must be one right? I just can't think of one.
Heterodox says2016-09-11T07:11:52.4879515Z
@karlmarx59, I have no problem with women have equal rights, but it's fairly hard to take any of them seriously when they are complaining about bullshit. The ones complaining can either step the fuck up or shut the fuck up, like men have to do.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-11T07:58:39.4052727Z
@heterodox: Radiotherapy, fire escapes, life rafts, solar heating, central heating, syringes, refrigerators, CCTV, paper bags, kevlar, COBOL and... Possibly... Beer.
Cooldudebro says2016-09-11T08:29:17.8146573Z
@Skeptical1 I would say that many important inventors were male. I don't think his point was that inventors of important products are all male. I think his point was that men invent important inventions more often than woman.
Cooldudebro says2016-09-11T08:32:38.1667416Z
Just as you can speak about Marie's discovery of Radium, I can name you three important male inventions. Bifocals - Benjamin Franklin Telephone- Alexander Gram Bell Lightbulb- Thomas Edison For all those you named, I could name three important male inventions. The point is that men tend to invent key inventions at a higher consistency compared to women.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-11T08:36:07.1768814Z
@cooldudebro: that's probably true. What is the point or conclusion we're supposed to draw?
Cooldudebro says2016-09-11T08:44:26.6140829Z
@Skeptical1 You mean to the opinion on here? Well, a guy earlier, (karlmarx59) claimed that men have messed up the political process for years. I believe he is trying to tie in the point that men have made many advancements in every field; including politics. Despite popular belief, the feminist movement didn't give women the right to vote. It was the male politicians who believed that women should have a say. So, it was ultimately men which gave women the right to get into politics. He's trying to say that men have done a lot of things not only for themselves, but for women as well. Meanwhile, what women have done does not compared as of now in an attempt to try to blast karl out of the water.
Cooldudebro says2016-09-11T08:45:32.6649063Z
Skeptical1 says2016-09-11T09:16:37.0282822Z
@cooldudebro: I think you might be making a mistaken assumption about karlmarx59, but I'll leave that to them to sort out if they so desire. Either way, I don't have a problem with their original statement, men have fucked up severely over and over. I believe it was the suffragette movement that got women the vote. Certainly, barring a series of bloody coups, it had to come at the say of others (men), but that is the case when any minority or disadvantaged group seeks to end oppression. It happened with slavery as well. The implication that it appears we were meant to draw is that women have produced less spectacular breakthroughs because they are somehow less capable. We know that isn't true, when they were denied access and privilege which would have allowed them to demonstrate their capabilities. I think it was an overreaction to a jibe. As my other half is fond of saying to me: "suck it up, Princess".
Heterodox says2016-09-11T10:15:35.5255398Z
@Skeptical1, The point is that people are responsible, men and women, and to deny that progress has been made or to deny that men had nothing to do with that progress is a fairly ridiculous argument (the reverse being just as ridiculous, that women have had nothing to do with how things were in the past) and is oozing with so much sexism that it makes it hard to take anyone seriously that is such a hypocrite.
Heterodox says2016-09-11T10:16:15.0249930Z
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-11T16:33:05.6588258Z
@karlmark59 how dare you be so sexist under the name of Marx
foxxhajti says2016-09-11T18:15:13.8466733Z
This is just as bad as not wanting women to vote. In the past, yes, women were unable to vote, but that doesn't mean we have to do that to men now.
Cooldudebro says2016-09-11T20:39:19.0841394Z
@Skeptical1 I believe karl made the statement and heterodox corrected it with the invention point. The suffrage movement did push for it; but it was the male politicians that had to put it into legislation. Women are certainly capable. However, men do it more often due to career choices made by women. It's a fact that men choose jobs in the STEM fields more often than women.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-11T21:30:59.8897544Z
Which brings us back to the question: so what? What effect does that have upon their ability to make bad decisions?
Cooldudebro says2016-09-12T04:41:02.1140897Z
@Skeptical1 That we can indeed make good decisions such as inventing things that will be very useful.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-14T03:47:17.4450519Z
@PowerPikachu21, the nineteenth amendment passed in 1920, allowing women the right to vote. Women could vote in 1957. And Hillary Clinton's garbage btw.
BobthePlumberDude says2016-09-15T18:13:29.5853366Z
If men can't vote, nobody should be able to. Voting is either a right everybody should have, or it's a privilege that nobody should have.
karlmarx59 says2016-09-15T18:45:44.4418975Z
Triangle 128k You are the PRIME example of a deplorable who should not vote loser
Forthelulz says2016-09-17T05:14:39.2816568Z
Hey karlmarx59, you deserve my avatar more than I do.
Chris330 says2016-09-17T14:32:20.2742620Z
Women did not have the right to vote because voting was considered a privilege earned by selective service. Fast forward 1st wave women get to vote for free (grats), fast forward again 3rd wave feminism backfired and woman will have to join the selective service and when in military placed on front lines.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-18T03:22:07.2143728Z
@Chris330, if voting was considered a privilege to those who must sign for the selective service, what about all the people who voted before the first draft during the Civil war 90 years after the birth of the nation? And black men weren't drafted until the selective service act of 1917, forty-seven years after they were allowed to vote. Any person capable of making rational decisions (not children), who pays taxes, is forced to follow our laws, and is not being punished for crime (felons) ought to vote.

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