• Yes

  • No

85% 22 votes
15% 4 votes
  • Recess is fun and it allows students to develop social skills. When I was a kid, It was especially hard to make friends when there was no time. And it is hard to focus on anything when there is no comfort in anyone. You are just alone. AND, Adults get work breaks because they need to calm down, Take a break, And relax. So why don't kids? Sitting in a hard, Red plastic chair all day is tiring! Your brain would need a break! So reconsider having recess in school. - 6th Grade Student, Chloe Kafcas

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  • Yes. Middle schoolers need a break, Too. They need one just as much as younger kids.

    Posted by: Willa
  • This is opinion based since I am not the type of person to actually enjoy going to school 5 days in a row every week at 7 in the morning. Anyways, Recess or break as they call it is great and all because you get to hang out with your friends and play and all that but if you are like me and want to get out of school as fast as possible you would love to miss break/recess and even lunch just to get out of school a couple hours or minutes earlier am currently in middle school(8th grade). My school adds some bs rule like everyday, For example, They added a rule where you can't talk or sit at the benches if you aren't playing sports. LIKE COME ON WTF ARE THE BENCHES FOR, PLAYING BASKETBALL ON? Anyways this is a really great site and I already wrote like 400-500 words and I just found out about it by accident. Have a great day again. . !

    Posted by: Flueon
  • I think it just cuts into studies.

    Posted by: mhagh2
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