Should military personal be paid more?

Posted by: PetersSmith

This includes extra benefits to veterans.

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No, these men and women chose to put their lives at risk. We don't need a military and frankly the money can go to something/someone that actually needs it.

We don't need to pay the personal more, they get paid enough. The military budget will increase dramatically and that money should be focused on research, logistics, and better equipment.
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Yes, but only a little.

They should gain a little extra payment, but not much. We have better things to waste our money on.
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Yes, these men and women have chosen to risk their lives in order to protect our country. They should be paid more to honor them.

Not everyone in the military believes in what the government does. Whether it be on the front lines are guarding their home country, soldiers put their lives at risk when they choose to sign up for the military. They endure grueling training and mus... t be must be professional in their positions, thus it is only reasonable that they should get paid more   more
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No, they should be paid less.

One of the more efficient ways to lessen our military would be to decrease the wages of military personal. This will discourage citizens from signing up for the military and hopefully discourage the government from increasing the military's overall ... funding   more
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muricamurray says2014-07-13T17:07:21.1643214-05:00
RiFF RAFF should be paid more
1814Username says2014-07-13T17:21:04.5307197-05:00
It is funny how everyone cares about our troops but the same people fail to realize that the easiest way to save our troops is to not send them anywhere in the first place. All the wars in the last fifteen years have not accomplished one thing and they were BS wars. We attacked two countries that did not have one terrorist on 9/11. All the terrorists were Saudi. But hey Iraq and Afghanistan have oil, gold, and poppy that we need. Go figure.
PetersSmith says2014-07-13T17:23:17.9288850-05:00
1814Username: If that's what you feel, shouldn't you choose "they should be paid less"? The description kind of goes along with your argument.
ararmer1919 says2014-07-14T01:12:34.9458600-05:00

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