Should minors need parental consent for an abortion.

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Yes with all types of abortion

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Yes but only for certain procedures

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briantheliberal says2015-12-01T09:53:52.2948511Z
Minors should never need consent for their reproductive health, especially with abortion. There is no reason to further marginalize young women and subject them to circumstances that are out of their control. If a 14 year old girl was raped by her father or step-father and gets pregnant, does she need to ask him for permission to abort the fetus? No. It is her body and if he violated it, he should have no control over the damage he caused. He should be arrested.
briantheliberal says2015-12-01T09:56:17.0812354Z
That's just my take of this. Some people are so caught up in their "save the babies" bullshit that they become completely detached from reality and submit themselves to ignorance by placing fetuses above the lives of actual people.
Bob13 says2015-12-02T02:10:31.3671514Z
@briantheliberal How is saving the life of a fetus at the cost of the temporary physical comfort of a woman placing fetuses above other people? Death is worse than a few seconds of pain.
Mister_Man says2015-12-02T02:26:34.1005933Z
@bob - the death is justified when the embryo doesn't even know it exists to begin with. It's equivalent to killing a plant.
briantheliberal says2015-12-02T03:38:41.9640371Z
"temporary physical discomfort" - This is the fundamental flaw in your argument and exactly the problem with people like you who call yourselves "pro-life". You complete disregard, invalidate, or downplay the actual problem. Being forced to carry and bare a child that 1. You either cannot care for or 2. Is a result of sexual assault is NOT "a few seconds of pain". It is life time of physical, emotional, and psychological damage for both the mother and the child she brings into the world.
NathanPoole234 says2015-12-03T13:22:58.9926999Z
@Mister_Man I like to use this analogy a lot when explaining abortions. But you've also got to understand that abortion is ending the pre-developed life of a living human. You may have the argument of "Oh she was to have it against her will." or "Maybe she was raped at a teen and can't take care of it and killing it and using for science is the only idea." I personally believe all life is precious and its not necessarily black and white there are all these scenarios that could've happened. I understand what @briantheliberal is saying and I have no choice but to agree with him but in my own morals I couldn't choose to kill something that may grow up to change a world. Its a gamble but all life is precious and you only get one chance to live life to the fullest. Why not let another side of you live it with you? In shorter terms it all depends on the circumstances. But when you have normal teenagers who just have sex because its fun and aren't safe and they go to get it aborted then that's just wrong. Thats why I think it should be legal but if you're under 18 you need to have consent from a parent or guardian. At least so they know you've messed up, but like @briantheliberal said if you're sexual assaulted why not just file a court case against your dad? I mean you've got to have any type of way to contact the police right? These are all valid points but in my morals this shouldn't be here.
Maccabee says2015-12-04T18:29:11.4148066Z
DUH!!! She can't even get a aspirin at school without parental consent and you want her to be able to get a surgical procedure get can potentially forever damage her or worse yet kill her?
Mister_Man says2015-12-04T21:20:41.5612437Z
@Nathan - You're right that you're ending the chance of something happening, but the embryo doesn't know that. You're right that it's a "gamble" in the sense that the odds are almost never in the embryo's favour. If a woman wants an abortion, it's usually for a good reason... She can't afford to carry a child inside her and raise it, her physical state won't let her and/or the child be healthy during and/or after the pregnancy, the child has some sort of disease or disorder that wouldn't let it be able to be happy, etc. Forcing a woman (no matter how old) to go through with a pregnancy because there's simply a chance (very slight) that the child will be happy, is harmful to the woman. Giving permission to other people (even if they're related) to have a say over someone else's body is, in my opinion, a form of child abuse. Sure, safe sex should be taught and insisted upon, but if a mistake is made, it should not be up to other people to decide if their daughter should endure nine grueling months and then bringing a child into this world who will be unloved.
Mister_Man says2015-12-04T21:21:42.9312503Z
@Maccabee - you'd rather bring an unwanted, unloved child into this world than let a girl get a procedure that has a very low chance of hurting her?
Maccabee says2015-12-04T23:14:00.2628620Z
@ mister. First place, abortions are very dangerous. Just do a google search. Second, why she has to get permission to drive but is ok getting an abortion without permission? Or an aspirin for that matter. Third, a lot of people already born are unwanted. My parents moved seven times when I was growing up but I found them every time.
Maccabee says2015-12-04T23:17:56.8197456Z
@mister. The embryo can feel pain at a very early age.
Mister_Man says2015-12-05T00:28:52.6908642Z
@Maccabee - first place, no. Abortions are actually less dangerous than continuing with the pregnancy - - So using your own logic, it'd be better to get an abortion than continue with a pregnancy because it'd be safer to do so. Secondly, telling someone what they can and cannot do with their own body is completely different than... Wait hold on, you don't need permission from anyone other than a driving instructor to drive. So that blows your second point away. Thirdly, not knowing you exist to begin with is a lot better than being born into a POSSIBLE horrible situation. The odds are not in your favour when your mother (before you are born) doesn't want you to begin with. And finally, fetuses cannot feel pain until at least 24 weeks - - which accounts for less than one percent of all abortions, using my first source.
Maccabee says2015-12-05T00:44:06.9698034Z
@mister. You're completely wrong about abortions being safer than childbirth according to
Mister_Man says2015-12-05T01:17:24.3341997Z
Biased as holy hell report. When I say "safer" than continuing through with the pregnancy, I mean the chance of medical complications leading to death or serious injury of the mother (we're killing the embryo, obviously the chance it dies in an abortion is high............) is much lower in abortion than childbirth. Throwing stuff like depression, divorce, or even suicide are literally irrelevant. Regular birth complications are much, much more frequent than abortion complications. - - -http://www.Reuters.Com/article/us-birth-complications-idUSBRE89M1AL20121023#IUd1lrLtMxcZdGjX.97 - - - - -
Maccabee says2015-12-05T06:03:16.5593498Z
@miter. You missed the part where they address the physical damage to the mother. Besides, how do I know that your site isn't biased?
briantheliberal says2015-12-05T06:12:19.3717883Z
Maccabee, his site is a scholarly source reporting actual medical findings. Yours is from a "pro-life" website where the information is skewed to represent the agenda they stand for.
Mister_Man says2015-12-08T03:41:15.9921329Z
@Macc - you missed my part where I compared the damage to the mother with abortion compared to childbirth... And you can tell my source isn't biased because it doesn't say "pro-life.Com, support Jesus, kill anyone who isn't against abortions" plastered all over it LOL

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