Should money become virtual?

Posted by: AspiringPolititian

Do you think that we should keep paper or metal money,or should we change to virtual with the modern world?

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reece says2016-10-19T00:31:12.3125636Z
It doesn't matter as long as it's centralized.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-10-19T01:29:33.6213710Z
I think there are 2 big issues with virtual money 1. Being hackers and 2. Carrying around Credit cards/cards that help work with the virtual money system.
HGA says2016-10-19T11:26:53.7411831Z
It could most likely influence how people spend their money, usually for the worse.
SeriousThreat says2016-11-19T08:44:56.6379600Z
@Knaveslayer99 but in the end it might be that in personal level hacking cases could be more beneficial than carrying around real money, because the very bank should and would be liable for digital safety and hacking losses, as we have seen that many times, banks have refunded the hacked funds as this is their function as we pay commissions to banks and we think they will protect as from digital thefts. On the other hand, when we get robbed physically, we do not have anyone to blame, rather than ourselves, we do go to police, but what is the chance of getting it back? Close to zero.

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