Should more populous states receive more Senators?

Posted by: bfochtman14

I believe that the ten most populous states should receive four Senators, the next fifteen populous states would receive three Senators, the remaining states would receive two Senators, and the District of Columbia would receive one Senator. This would make it fair to the larger states (California) to get more of a voice in law making.

  • Yes, this would only be fair

  • No, this isn't fair to small states

57% 8 votes
43% 6 votes
  • Yes, the senatorial system is ruining the institution that is democracy. In a democracy, the people have to say. The fact that the majority gets something passed through house, and then the oligarch suppresses that bill, even though they are less populous is wrong. I agree with the two house system, but with popular vote on each house. Democrats keep sending bills just to get turned down in the senate pisses me off.

  • No, that is ridiculous. That is the point of the house of representatives, the Senate is supposed to have all states equal. If that wasn't the case, why bother even having a Senate? Different states all need equal representation because there are common factors that bind a state to itself but not others. For example, state laws are uniform throughout the state but mean nothing to other states. So there are issues that a state itself would be consistent in supporting but other states might not, regardless of size.

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