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Anonymous says2019-03-19T23:37:39.6321024Z
I think we should be able to buy tobacco that isnt stuffed with poison! How about that
Nanonymous78 says2019-03-20T00:03:46.0281024Z
So basically, It's a yes then. Considering that this poll was asking if only nicotine should be outlawed. However, The poll did not question anything about tobacco. Thus, I think you might've misinterpreted the purpose of this poll. But I understand, You could've gotten confused because of the pictures that were attached.
EverlastingMoment says2019-03-20T05:19:14.7405024Z
No, It shouldn't be outlawed. While it counts as a negative externality the issue of nicoticone is not nearly as bad as it is made out to seem. Nicotine usage is largely moderated by smoke-free zones and taxation. Given that there are a lot of places where nicotine is restricted for the benefit of the non-smoking populace, There is no real case against it except in the scenarios where family members smoke it. Additionally, The reason we need nicotine to stay legalized is the same reason we need other negative externalities like alcohol to stay legalized. Taxes. There is a huge tax surplus that comes from the sale of nicotine-based cigarettes and the product's inelastic nature on the market allows the government to charge higher levels of taxation thus racking in greater levels of revenue. And this revenue goes to every other aspect of society. Welfare. Infrastructure. Healthcare. Education. Electricity and water supplies. You name it. Are nicotine cigarettes bad? Obviously. Does the benefits of outlawing them outweigh the benefits of keeping it legalized? Certainly not.
isabella7008 says2019-03-20T10:54:57.9932559Z
Saving lives is the best so deal with it: do you want someone to die bro
Anonymous says2019-03-20T17:36:31.0935635Z
There is more than just nicotine in a cigarette
billsands says2019-03-24T02:55:36.9426624Z
In a free society you don't tell people what to do unless you have a very compelling reason much fewer people smoke thats good enough
smokey0990 says2019-03-26T20:48:04.6271915Z
Shouldn't we outlaw sugar too? I mean in 2016 1. 6 million people died from diabetes (another 2. 2 million if you count deaths from high blood sugar). If you want to ban anything that is unhealthy for you, Or even just the stuff that can and does kill people, You're going to have to ban a lot of shit.
wjohntucker says2019-03-28T15:25:17.7928777Z
All drugs should be legalised.
latcy says2019-05-14T19:33:00.9084603Z
Just for people who haven't tried it yet. If you have nicotine addiction, It'll be the wrong way to stop the nicotine consume.
smokey0990 says2019-06-23T18:14:25.4670481Z
@Shrewd_Stoic Why do you think there would be no black market for cigarettes? Do you think Cartels and other criminals are incapable of growing tobacco and adding chemicals to it? This isn't something that would be very difficult to achieve. Make no mistake this is something people are addicted to there is a demand for it and I promise you someone will supply it. Addictions don't disappear when you make a new law and considering the popularity of heroin (which is more deadly now than ever before) there really isn't any reason to assume that no one will ever try a cigarette ever again once it's no longer convenient. Especially since it will still be pretty damn convenient, Some drug dealers even do delivery these days. Simply put there is way too much money to be made and there are multiple groups that could easily add cigarettes to the menu of the black market they already run. Why you're assuming this is completely impossible I have no idea.

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