Should Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland unite into one country?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom. It didn't join Ireland as the majority of the population voted to remain British. But should Northern Ireland join the Republic? Many Northern Irish MINORITIES hate the UK and want to be Irish.

  • Yes, it should united into one country

  • No, Northern Ireland should remain a part of the United Kingdom

33% 5 votes
67% 10 votes
  • Unjust to let a country, that only wanted to live a peacful life, be ruled by the power that took away the people's rights and attempting to dehumanise them, in order to 'highlight' a 1/3 of the globe in pink and to make money out of slavey. Ireland like other countries that were freed from crude leaders keep on improving their country and most importantly are free to feel proud of their heritage and cuture without facing belittling manipulative racist abuse. Our dreams to live as we once did in a beautiful Eire is more achievable than ever before! From the Proclamation of Independece to now, we should unite together as our ancestors once did and cherish our blessings together .

  • Those that live in Northern Ireland are currently better off than their brothers in the Republic. Ireland is not doing so well economically while the UK is still strong.

  • The people voted.

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