Should Northern Ireland secede from the UK to join the Republic of Ireland?

Posted by: Chris96

  • Yes. - Northern Ireland should secede from the UK to join the Republic of Ireland.

  • No. - Northern Ireland should not secede from the UK to join the Republic of Ireland.

57% 8 votes
43% 6 votes
  • Tiocfaidh Ar La!!!

  • Northern Ireland would be much better off with the Republic after BREXIT. They voted to stay in the EU and for them to do that they need to join the republic again.

  • I believe that the United Kingdom is a better guarantor of peoples rights (e.g. LGBT rights, abortion e.t.c.), but if the Republic of Ireland became a better guarantor, then Northern Ireland should be annexed by the Republic of Ireland.

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Carolean_Karl says2016-06-16T18:31:10.3659087Z
It could be decided by referendum, like the question of Scottish independence was.
Kreakin says2016-06-16T21:25:32.9537392Z
No point would just cause a civil war. NI is and wants to be, part of the UK.
Kreakin says2016-06-16T21:32:54.6918340Z
They could have a poll to see if they want to become an independent state away from both Ireland and Britain.
DaNPH20 says2016-06-18T13:31:40.5069335Z
Very stupid idea
Kreakin says2016-06-18T14:16:24.9721415Z

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