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PetersSmith says2015-05-22T13:56:00.2589412-05:00
Few people even knew he was president.
lannan13 says2015-05-22T13:56:59.2128528-05:00
That just goes to show that he mitigated the drama.
PetersSmith says2015-05-22T13:58:54.8118168-05:00
Lannan13: He mitigated drama, but that doesn't mean he was a "good" president. He didn't do much, at least as I'm aware.
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:01:21.0358814-05:00
Exactly, he did the Libertarian thing.
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:13:13.7329628-05:00
Laissez faire government is not exactly beneficial to the USA.
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:14:53.1755896-05:00
Why did you post that here?
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:15:36.4448231-05:00
Libertarianism- An extreme laissez-faire political philosophy advocating only minimal state intervention in the lives of citizens.
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:21:15.5389202-05:00
Oh, well, I'm a Laissez-faire Capitalist, so I guess it's still true for me.
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:36:24.7866448-05:00
During the 1920s, known as the Roaring Twenties, President Hoover let businesses run freely without any government involvement. Yes, many say this caused America around 10 years of economic boom. However, those people were wrong. There was overproduction of goods, around 90% of the country's wealth belonged to 13% of the citizens, there were lagging wages and many businesses had to fire many workers.
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:38:18.9311724-05:00
Aye, but we have to look at it was President Cooledge who was king.
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:40:43.8104882-05:00
What did he do that significantly help the nation?
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:44:17.0036148-05:00
His economic policies were put in place during the Reagan administration and he helped clean up all of the Harding Scandals.
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:45:10.7313924-05:00
Policies such as?
BblackkBbirdd says2015-05-22T14:51:19.1348384-05:00
The Policy for free ponies for all Americans
lannan13 says2015-05-22T14:51:53.9549312-05:00
LOL, Vermine Supreme
CommunistDog says2015-05-22T14:52:35.9347564-05:00
I see that policy got repealed. No pony for meh D:
PetersSmith says2015-05-24T01:27:36.7289281-05:00
Can't now that he closed his account lol. Thus I am now running as Empress.
CommunistDog says2015-05-24T20:57:39.4792880-05:00
Who's account was closed?

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