Should our response to Ebola be as if it was bioweapon attack?

Posted by: Kreakin

i.e. Should the military handle it under advice from bioweapons specialists..

  • Yes

  • No

31% 5 votes
69% 11 votes
  • Nuke ebola like you did with Hiroshima!

    Posted by: 18Karl
  • We should quarantine all infected ebola patients in Washington D.C. Also no one should be allowed to leave the city

  • We need to bomb every runway in Liberia. This will slow down people who want to leave Liberia and come here.

    Posted by: Chaeed
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Kreakin says2014-10-19T09:18:47.5061775-05:00
Blackkid - What do you mean?
BlingSco says2014-10-19T11:28:48.1452096-05:00
To arbitrary are you talking about the world or a specific country.
Kreakin says2014-10-19T11:31:58.7617471-05:00
^Globally i guess. Misterman - The R0 is 1.8 in Africa prob higher in a western society so it is very infectious and a top tier pathogen for bio defence risk.
blackkid says2014-10-19T11:33:09.6169471-05:00
A bioweapon attack is specifically engineered to resist known cures but also to be curable. A natural outbreak is not necessarily curable and no one has pre-engineered the vaccine so it can't be reverse engineered.
Kreakin says2014-10-19T11:35:54.7889074-05:00
The tracing of contact with infected people is more effecient when curfews are enforced. The 2 infected people already have over 100 contacted people under observation for 21 days, thats just for two people that were known about early.
blackkid says2014-10-19T13:10:32.4972794-05:00
A quarantine does not require bioweapon specialists... I think some of you are genuinely unhinged.
AsianGenius says2014-10-19T14:26:49.5292398-05:00
Black kid how did you get unbanned?
Kreakin says2014-10-19T16:17:13.9880938-05:00
Blackkid - Must be nice being so naive : )
Kreakin says2014-10-19T16:50:43.4588326-05:00
Did you just see the news? Charities have just asked for military help.

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