Should pagans be able to join the army?

Posted by: Westwinds1

Pagan: a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.

Poll closed on 7/2/2015 at 12:00PM.
  • Yes, pagans should

  • No, pagans should not

89% 16 votes
11% 2 votes
  • Why shouldn't they be?

    Posted by: SE2
  • Being religious makes you no better, I'd say it makes you worse. Because when you think you have infinite justification for your actions, you'll go much further and do much worse things.

  • freedom of religion???? how is this a question?

  • Why should you not be able to join armed forces to FIGHT FOR WHAT'S RIGHT because you have different beliefs than other people?

  • Strange question. Just because certain religions are now more widespread than Paganism doesn't mean anyone that still sees themselves as Pagan is somehow wrong. I don't see a belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah as being any more believable than a belief in Zeus, Thor or Pakhet.

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Westwinds1 says2015-06-25T20:57:37.0066032-05:00
I believe they should for I am one myself
58539672 says2015-06-25T22:09:43.9497063-05:00
I was not under the impression that they couldn't join. In fact Im having trouble looking up any form of regulation in the armed forces that prohibits them from joining.
Westwinds1 says2015-06-26T00:07:06.8971144-05:00
@58539672 Oh, they can I was doing a experiment to see who agreed and who did not.
Shield says2015-06-26T00:19:51.4034221-05:00
I dont think you know what a pagan is, judging by your poll description
Westwinds1 says2015-06-26T00:27:42.2588938-05:00
@Shield That was googles definition so I just went with it, but I think I would know my own religion. A pagan is a person that is in the occult, for example Wicca is a paganistic religion also Druidry and many other religions.
reece says2015-06-26T01:35:38.2844545-05:00
I first read it as pigeon. And i was like 'i thought they've already had a shot.'
TheHappyReaper says2015-06-27T14:53:53.2168743-05:00
Was that an intentional pun?
o0jeannie0o says2015-07-18T15:45:17.9079245-05:00
Seriously, we dont have "values" pffft yup, im just going to go kill my partner because as a wiccan i am not moral.
pyro275 says2017-03-03T14:29:50.4191908Z
I am pagan so i don't see why we shouldn't be aloud to join. The law states freedom of religion and separation of the church and government. To prohibit someone from joining because of there faith would be a direct violation of the constitution.

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