Should parents be allowed to hit/physically discipline their children?

Posted by: Aus1028

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No, never

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Yes, but only in certain situations

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Yes, whenever they believe it is necessary

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reece says2017-04-26T21:37:27.6434638Z
Sciguy, Kinda like moderate terrorists?
Anonymous says2017-04-27T00:14:14.7242638Z
No, like a good parent. I don't think that you intend to blow-up your child, do you?
reece says2017-04-27T01:03:07.1342638Z
Moderate terrorism, moderate smacking: I thought it would be easeir to understand.
Sui_Generis says2017-04-27T05:13:12.2126638Z
Apparently reece is trolling again, claiming that disciplining one's child TO ANY DEGREE is tantamount in terms of unacceptability to terrorism...........
reece says2017-04-27T07:31:04.1673714Z
@Sui_Generis Yes, because hitting one's child is the only form of punishment. You need psychiatric treatment if you think that.
reece says2017-04-27T07:35:50.0373714Z
What does violence teach? ...Does it change behavior for better, or for worse?
Anonymous says2017-04-27T14:29:48.6537714Z
Yeah, because telling your child to mind you works very well. Perhaps you should observe your teaching at work in local markets as children yell and misbehave. If parents were to belt their children those children would behave. A perfect example is our parents and grandparents; tough love works.
reece says2017-04-27T21:52:40.8319252Z
It isn't love, it is the infliction of fear. Fear crushes so many positive aspects of a person's charector, including curiosity. Some might call it love just like how a wife calls it love when her husband beats her. She just needs to know her place. Do you agree? That's your issue. Anyway, smacking and belting are the easy way out. Most people don't really punish at all if they don't do said things. They may yell and curse, but that's about it. They can't really do that in the Market.

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