Should parents be given financial compensation by the government for having children?

Posted by: PetersSmith

Economic factors play heavily into having children, but should we really encourage it/waste money? This is presuming a child limit is set, which you can decide on. This could include tax-breaks as well.

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Yes, to all couples who only adopt children

Couples who adopt children will be given financial benefits, this will greatly increase child adoptions.
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No, to no couples with children or adopted children

Financial benefits should not be given to any couples with any kind of child. This will discourage adoption and having children in general.
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Yes, but don't include homosexuals/those in a same-sex relationship

Don't give financial aid to homosexuals who adopt children. This will discourage homosexuals from doing so as they will either ruin a child's life if they are brought into a same-sex family or at least prevent them from gaining good parenting.
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Yes, but only to married couples

Married couples should be given compensation for having at least one child. This will encourage marriage, married couples to have children, and give married couples better chances at raising their children.
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Yes, but only to married couples who only adopt children

Adoption numbers need to be increased instead of the actual population. Married couples should be given compensation for adopting a child.
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Yes, to all couples who have children

All couples who have children will be given financial aid by the government. This will encourage them to keep the child and prevent abandonment.
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FIZBO says2014-08-09T22:59:17.0222955-05:00
Well people who adopt children already get money....More or less. My brother is adopted and he gets a lot of free benefits
discomfiting says2014-08-09T23:06:30.0875729-05:00
That's good^

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