Should parents be punished for their teens mistakes

Posted by: britanihash

Please comment and give ur opinion

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No, a parent has no say in a teens choice. If he or she wants to do something at a young age (15) then they will do as they please till something bad happens

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Yes, its the parents job to teach the teen to do right

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briantheliberal says2014-05-14T09:19:41.5178637-05:00
It depends on what this "mistake" is
HeavyReader says2014-05-14T09:32:38.2731724-05:00
What briantheliberal said.
britanihash says2014-05-14T09:50:31.0939120-05:00
Well if its something like them getting in serious trouble or stealing or something. What i'm saying is, parents don't really have a choice in what a teen does. Teens do as the please without thinking about them.
Lt.Harris says2014-05-14T13:41:31.4527637-05:00
I work with Reach For Youth: Teen Court (look it up) and I know that is already does. The program itself makes it so that nothing happens but parents can lose housing, government welfare, etc if their child commits a crime. You didn't exactly give a definition on what kind of trouble (with the law or not).

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