Should parents share part of the punishment for a crime their child (who is a minor) commits?

Posted by: SNP1

  • Yes

  • No

12% 2 votes
88% 15 votes
  • mostly depends on the parents they should ask the kid if they were raised well or not and also depend on the crime but for the most part yes

  • Even though the child is a minor, that child is a separate entity still. In some cases, there is no way a parent can predict when or if their child commits a crime. What if a child has a mental issue? Now granted, there are some parents who raise their children in situations and environments who know it is a breeding ground for their child to become a criminal, but even if those children commit a crime, they still have their own identity and also their own will and reason. For instance, my mother adopted a cousin of mine from a bad background legally. According to this, although my mother did an excellent job at trying to push my cousin in the right direction, she would have to be jailed because he committed murder. While most people do not know him, he was outwardly a very good kid, but was very convincing and could make you believe he was a great guy who had intentions on doing good. Unfortunately this isn't true and he couldn't be helped...should someone who tried hard to prevent this be jailed?

  • A parent can't stop a child from doing something when they're already raised wrong.

  • I know plenty of parents who are good people but their kids end up being little sh*ts. However if the living conditions at home are questionable, then yes, the parent should be somewhat to blame.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-12-05T22:05:01.3609098-06:00
Heavily depends, are they obviously bad parents? Then yes.
SNP1 says2014-12-05T22:07:06.6888996-06:00
It was because of a discussion I got into about the psychological impacts that happen to a child. People's actions are influenced by things that happen around them, and younger people are influenced more easily. The environment of a minor is mostly effected based on their parents, which means that their parents have heavy influence on their actions.

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