Should parents who abuse their child get death penalty

Posted by: dilordious

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No,it depends

I think death penalty should be abolished.There are some or many who aren't afraid of death so by giving them death sentence does not to stop them from commit crimes.Death penalty has no effect on deter crimes and it does not reduce crime rate.Pun... ishment such as life sentence with hard labour(for 18 hours a day) would be the best option for murder,child abuser,drug dealer,and rapist so that they can suffer as long as they can   more
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Yes.They deserve it

Thousand of children have died,or suffer severely mentally and physically due to neglected,physical,and sexual abuse from their parents.This can have lifelong sentence to the victim of child abuse.Yes,child abuser is equal evil as drug dealers,murde... r,rapist,and torturer.Those child abuser deserve to die and get tortured for their rest of their life   more
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Texas14 says2015-08-17T04:24:01.6816622Z
No. The death penalty should be reserved for first degree murder. An eye for an eye.
dilordious says2015-08-17T04:30:54.4021996Z
But child abuse can cause death or serious injury among children because it considered as aggravated assault.
stephannoi says2015-08-17T04:38:41.9704335Z
I think they deserve it,because our children due to mentally and physically structure are very sensitive to the surrounding circumstances environment especially if an older person abuse them,then it can be very seriously harmful for them.
stephannoi says2015-08-17T04:39:53.6308692Z
It's not necessary a murder,but it's a torture.And torture crime is a very serious crime therefore it should applied death penalty against it.
countdooku says2015-08-17T05:26:25.2245296Z
Children can injured seriously or die form child abuse !!!!!
lordsidious says2015-08-17T05:44:05.8983055Z
Child abuse is a torture !!!
countdooku says2015-08-17T07:29:13.3796737Z
Let me guest,so you people think parents should be forgiven for what they have done such a serious offense such as child abuse?What if parents killed their child by abuse.
countdooku says2015-08-17T07:30:09.0080268Z
Shouldn't they be charged for first degree murder ?
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-17T08:34:17.4464319Z
@countdooku Let us not needlessly project, no one has said that they should be forgiven and let go. What I feel is that many people, out of a mindset holding negative connotations to execution, would prefer to find an alternative means of punishment for these grievances. Note how the freeing of these instigators failed to appear in neither the poll nor comments. Their having a punishment is unanimously agreed upon at the time of this comment, it is simply resting on the perceived severity that is the ending of a human being's life, the penultimate of losses a person can suffer. We ought to avoid becoming as inhumane and violent as the very instigators of the crime, failing to do so would replace one negative with another where we should be striving for the cessation of such circumstance.
countdooku says2015-08-17T09:07:45.2037059Z
The perhaps if people agree that penalty should be abolished,then we should find other alternative ways such as hard labour for 18 hours a day,how about that ?
countdooku says2015-08-17T09:08:11.0062713Z
What would you think ?
makhdoom5 says2015-08-17T09:17:23.4994129Z
Both options r bull crap
makhdoom5 says2015-08-17T09:18:58.7380234Z
Children are flower of heaven. Be gentle with them be protective like spikes. May ALLAH help all those who are in need ameen.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-17T09:19:04.9050236Z
@countdooku That's why it is a difficult decision, because the alternatives quickly become problematic in themselves. But I believe that it is important that this issue be discussed prior to an eventual end of the death sentence. It should be the means to its end, not the result therein. I disagree with forced hard labor as it has a habit of going beyond what is capable for the subject, and I disagree with solitary isolation as it is in itself social deprivation torture. I know not how this issue may be mended, though I have entertained some theories, but I believe that through the discussion and comparing of ideas free of the silencing techniques we may naturally invoke out of our passion may we come to the best solution. Certainly it will take time, but it would be time well worth it.
Moneyboss says2015-08-17T09:22:43.5978648Z
I think death penalty or life imprisonment is too harsh and uncivilized.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-17T09:52:29.0656685Z
@Moneyboss Have you heard about the Scandinavian prison system? In that model, criminals are moved into facilities, oftentimes on islands, that serve more so as separated communities where prisoners have keys to their own rooms, activities to encourage interests for eventual release, and access to cable and internet. Some don't even have bars on windows and no perimeter wall. Prison systems are based on a scale from of rehabilitation and punishment, and while most prison systems rely more on punishment, this system is much more about rehabilitation. The largest problems though is that while it does well for circumstantial crime, where people break the law out of perceived necessity, it can be taken advantage of by organized crime such as mobs and mafia, as it allows easy in-prison control. Issues that the Scandinavian region deals less with. It also is debatable among various people whether a prison should be about punishment or rehabilitation when crimes, such as the one in this poll, can be particularly heinous.
countdooku says2015-08-17T09:57:59.5330284Z
Okay,but why you disagree with hard labour?.Those criminal they don't deserve comfort life as we have because of what they have done.
countdooku says2015-08-17T09:58:58.6262072Z
Let them work non-stop for us.
Christopher_Carpenter says2015-08-17T10:34:16.7542125Z
@countdooku Hard labor is a difficult issue. Effectively it is similar to slavery, a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom, and while the argument could be made that they put themselves into a circumstance of deserving it, slavery ownership, like execution, has detrimental effects on the one responsible for carrying it out. There is an interesting study called the Stanford Prison Experiment that I suggest you look up should you find the time to do so. Also, if one is forced into excessive strain, exceeding their own capable limit, it can be considered self inflicted torture. Which, like my statement regarding solitary confinement, is simply replacing one negative with another. It is important that when you are planning and carrying out punishment, you let not your passion consume you. Don't force someone into something because of your anger towards them, no matter how justified you feel it is, but because their actions are unacceptable and they need to learn from their failures. There is a reason for the existence of the term "blind justice". Excessive punishment would cause more problems than solve.
countdooku says2015-08-17T10:49:38.9920966Z
But all kind of assault on children which is done by an adult are considered as aggravated assault because children can't or are not strong enough to defend themselve against an older person.
countdooku says2015-08-17T10:51:53.8393610Z
As well as assault on teacher,elder person,police officer or other authorities has considered as aggravated assault too.
komododragon8 says2015-08-17T22:51:23.6853817Z
While I understand the position of countdooku and lordsidious, and I agree that they should recieve a harsh punishment, however I think that the death penalty is simply too expensive and not everybody considers it the harshest form of punishment. I also love how half the people on the "yes" side are sith lords.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T02:04:13.5087891Z
Then what would you suggest to be the harshest punishment ,if we once abolish death penalty ?
komododragon8 says2015-08-18T02:09:25.4795889Z
Life in prison is more than adequate. Not only will the criminals be kept from society (so long as they dont escape which is fairly unlikely) but also losing one's freedom for life is worse than the death penalty to many people making it a fine alternative.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T02:31:47.0003965Z
And do you agree with countdooku,about hard labour for 18 hours a day ?
stephannoi says2015-08-18T02:32:21.5402043Z
stephannoi says2015-08-18T08:49:40.4400459Z
While in some state of America introduce death penalty against child rape under 12 years old,which I find it's so redicilous.Any kind of rape should not constitute death penalty,because it does not intentionally to cause death and it does not result in death.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T08:52:03.6604924Z
The most severe effect of being rape is it cause severe psychological trauma.But I don't think for that it should have death penalty.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T08:53:35.7468973Z
Unless if you rape small child from 5-8 then it should applied death penalty,because it can cause serious injuries or even death.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T08:57:58.8591693Z
But beyond the age of 8 then it should not constitute death penalty for child rape.Such as if a child rapist rape a 11 years old girl,then the child rapist should not get death penalty,because a 11 years old girl does not result in serious injury or death when she is being raped.Am I right?
stephannoi says2015-08-18T08:59:22.3392244Z
While,she might get pregnant or STD infection,if the rapist does not wear condomn,but still I would argue that the rapist should not get death penalty in that case.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:10:56.8130751Z
Thea's right.While most state in USA does not apply death penalty against child rape under 12 years old,which is 44 states.But only a few state which is 4 state applied this.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:12:42.0616407Z
It depends on the age of minor.While it's true that minors under age of consent are incapable of giving consent in sexual relation but that's doesn't mean we should apply death penalty against such a crime.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:13:50.6652592Z
If you rape a 5 years old or 8 years old then you may should get death penalty because at that age you could easily killed them or disfigure them severely.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:15:16.7376955Z
But nobody should get death penalty for just rape a 11 years old or 12 years old,Because I find it's simply redicilous and idiotic.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:16:10.1515964Z
Yes it can damage the kid emotionally because the kid still can survive from being rape.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:18:12.9213517Z
In India you get death penalty for any kind of rape.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:30:47.8881912Z
In my opinion rapist should not get death penalty or life sentence.Maximum punishment may range from 8-10 years in prison.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:32:20.1595283Z
People should be more reasonable in thinking rather than using their emotional basic standard.Ofcourse anyone gets angry and upset when their son/daughter being raped.But at least if your son/daughter survive and does not result in fatal injuries which can high risk to death,then I think you be proud and thanks god for that.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:33:51.3186549Z
And if your child are being severely emotional affected by being rape such as psychological trauma then he/she should get a treatment.That's it.You don't need to executed rapist.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:37:21.8531166Z
I totally disagree about death penalty against child rape in 4 states in America.It think that's stupid rules should be abolished for long time.I can sure you that there are very few victims who die form being raped.
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:38:07.9042214Z
But I vote yes in this poll,I mean child abuse such as neglegigence and physical abuse(not sexual abuse or emotional abuse).
countdooku says2015-08-18T09:39:28.4117734Z
I would be redicilous to execute child abuse such as emotional abuse.I think emotional abuse shouldn't even be considered as crime.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T11:22:18.5557180Z
Having sex with a minor who reach the age of consent can not be convicted to rape unless if the sex is coerced or forced.
stephannoi says2015-08-18T11:24:25.2331270Z
From where i was born,mexico,the age of consent is 12.In very few state is puberty.While few state is 14.
stephannoi says2015-08-19T03:34:07.9387135Z
There are some minors at age of 12-15 who willingly or consented to have consensual sex with an adult,therefore it should not be considered as rape either i would say.
stephannoi says2015-08-19T03:38:10.8478706Z
Especially it would hurt deeply for a minor to give death penalty to an adult,due to because they love each other.It seems for me the society failed to define and have a understand definition of rape and try to make up their stupid idiotic rule which i find it's not justified and dump.
stephannoi says2015-08-19T03:39:19.7067120Z
Maybe having sex with minor under of consent should be considered as sexual abuse (but not rape).
countdooku says2015-08-19T03:46:17.5709906Z
Yeah right.It's just as stupid as execution of homosexual in islam country.While being a gay is not wrong,but the society considered as morally wrong.
tajshar2k says2015-08-19T03:46:36.5973748Z
No sh*t Count, You still mad Anakin executed you?
countdooku says2015-08-19T03:47:54.6036126Z
People should just be smarter and using death penalty in a wise way.
countdooku says2015-08-19T04:14:27.5142235Z
I feel like gays even nowaday are not have enough rights as they suppose to.Such as they are either being bullied often in school or the society treat them not good enough.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:33:34.8391781Z
@countdooku Fully agreed with you.I can see how some people nowaday are so narrow mind and arrogant behavior.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:35:55.7236812Z
There are certain things and acts that it is wrong.But in the way of love relationship,there is no right or wrong,since it is your right to fall in love/being sexual attracted to annyone,as long as there is no force or coerced are involved.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:41:05.6352678Z
It's just the way the society belief,and what society beliefs is not always right and it can be misconduct.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:51:23.6176292Z
Just like in the case of gays and lesbian as you have said before count.I don't think these people have mental illness like psychopath or sociopaths.But they just have different taste in love besides heterosexual in which people considered them as mental illness.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:52:51.9921957Z
Especially you don't have right to criminalize them.Just let them be as they born in that way.
lordsidious says2015-08-19T04:53:52.8949861Z
I mean,just let them be as they born in the way they are.

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