Should people get abortion if they are raped

Posted by: treykelley

Just want to know

  • Rape is a way that you can get pre-go so should they be able to abord the baby they wern't ready for

  • Should they not abord the baby

78% 21 votes
22% 6 votes
  • I'm not sure I understand the wording of this question, but a woman should get an abortion for any reason up till the second trimester.

  • If they want to keep the baby, that would be their choice in this predicament.

  • They should be able to choose whether they want to keep the baby themselves instead of being forced to give birth.

  • I'm not entirely should I understand the details of the question, but it should be a choice.

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Haroush says2014-04-08T15:40:55.8042758-05:00
Abortion is even biblically acceptable in a situation like this.
kill_jews says2014-04-09T12:16:01.9034640-05:00
No it is not gay bear
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-09T12:23:28.0134807-05:00
Bettabreeder and labarum what about the 'punishment' the mother will have to endure in many ways? She has been defiled, then she has to go through an unwanted pregnancy [which a wanted one is no cake walk], then give birth and we are assuming all goes well, and then hands the kid to stringers. Do you no think all of that trauma might just screw her up a little bit more than she deserves? You think I am callous, look at your selves. There are tons of unwanted kids neglected and hungry and uneducated roaming the streets of the US that have no parental guidance, if you are so concerned about babies, go out and help some of these kids, yes?
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-09T12:26:17.1798807-05:00
Haroush I don't know if it bothers you and It is none of my business, but it bothers me. The person calling themselves "kill_Jew" is very offensive and I feel should not be allowed to use such name, but I don't know the breadth of tolerance on this site. So I will apologize for this 'person' because I find it disgusting to be that ignorant.
Haroush says2014-04-09T13:38:46.4275352-05:00
@ Stanley, Sometimes, people don't do enough research and want to just run off of "feel good" information that feeds their minds. Even so, you are correct using a name like "kill_jews" isn't appropriate. Though I am more interested in what his explanation would be for having a name like that. Not to mention, there is no need to apologize on your part as it wasn't you who did this. Though, since my perception is he has been misinformed by circulating propaganda out there, I feel obligated to resist from judging him on this pretense. This being said, I wish the best for this individual in question and pray he comes to understand Jews aren't bad like they are made out to be. Meaning Jews are just like any other person, they can be bad or good. One last thing, zionism is in no way shape or form something sinister. All zionism is, is the belief in a Jewish controlled state. That's all I have to say.
DreamSymphony00 says2014-04-19T19:12:38.7258606-05:00
It should be a choice.

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