Should people have to learn Latin in school (they currently do)

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-29T09:07:02.2800815-05:00
Lannan, Latin is not the only classical language out there. Sure, there are numerous important works written in the language, but even when you consider only Western langauges, there's Ancient Greek. Here, we learn Classical Chinese and I assure you it's just as fulfilling, if not more so, that reciting inflections and conjugations. Not only is Classical Chinese an extremely versatile language (more so even when compared to modern Chinese), but it also opens up a wealth of historical, philosophical and literary works that have shaped human civilisation. Many phrases you use today - like 'walls have ears' - come from Classical Chinese. Moreover, there are also numerous novels, short stories, essays and even joke books written in Classical Chinese, which can be enjoyed as casual reads, too.
face1995 says2015-07-14T00:22:28.3303259-05:00
I myself asked this question on DDO a while ago. It's weird how they sometimes are repeated fully again.

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