Should people name your child of the opposite sex?

Posted by: youngskywolf_25

I for one think its a great idea because it produces more equality not for only for the child it produces it worldwide and it shows people you can be proud no matter what your name is and it shows the child to be more lively with themselves to be confident and say yeah my name is "june or doug" and it teaches the child more about variety

  • Yeah everyone is equal

  • No i believe not

27% 6 votes
73% 16 votes
  • Not particularly. If you like a name for your child that is traditionally used for the opposite sex go for it. But I wouldn't go out of my way to make sure my child had a name that is traditionally for the opposite sex.

  • yeah

  • If equality is to be achieved, decisions based on sex should be discouraged, even a child's name. Who's to say the name will represent the child's gender identity in the future

    Posted by: Hoey
  • Let people be free to name their child what they want. I mean, it's just a name, please don't make a big deal about it

  • It will screw with their heads.

  • Different genders have different names, and our brains have been wired this way to recognize masculine and feminine names. There's nothing inequal about different names for both genders, it's simply an old social construct that has no reason to be dealt away with.

  • I'm pretty sure feminists would want girls to have boys names but that's because they are stupid

  • A neutral name. But don't give them a hard time and name a girl an exclusively boy name or vice versa.

    Posted by: Dilara
  • *facepalm*

  • That's just stupid......

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karlmarx59 says2016-08-23T19:21:55.3746845Z
It does not matter.
triangle.128k says2016-08-23T20:40:29.5947637Z
What difference does it make? You would have to be quite silly to name a boy a feminine name or vice versa. It would cause confusion on paper and would likely lead to the child being made fun of occassionally in school. What is the point of having both genders reach a point where you can't tell the difference between them?
Throwback says2016-08-24T01:46:36.0743536Z
The very biased, anti heterosexual poll and accompanying photos is not working out quite as you expected, is it?
Dilara says2016-08-28T04:25:22.8806714Z
Hoey. We are a sexually dimorphic species so decisions based on sex are natural. Most people are cis so likely the name will represent their identity in the future.
Hoey says2016-08-28T10:44:56.8992164Z
@Dilara i agree to an extent, it is natural to make decisions based on sex, and most people are cis. However is it correct in modern society to make decision purely on the basis of sex? Is this not sex discrimination. The naming of a child is probably at the extremes of this argument, but i see no reason why names need to be sex specific, i know a cis girl called Jamie and a cis boy called Sandy. I'm in favor of more choice, and breaking down this hard line that separates the genders
Dilara says2016-08-29T03:12:24.1601042Z
Hoey. We are a sexually dimorphic species so there are lots of decisions that should be made purely or mostly based on sex. If we were to treat one sex better than the other this would be sex discrimination. But by naming kids sex-specific names or buying them sex-specific clothes we are not harming members of a certain sex. Some names sound better on girls and vice versa. This is something our cultures have always done and it helps you tell someones sex before meeting them. Jamie and Sandy are both neutral names. If there was a cis boy names charlotte or daisy that would be weird. Name your kids whatever you want, but if you name them certain things people will mistake their gender and tease them. The genders should be separated in some cases because we are a sexually dimorphic species with different brains.
foxxhajti says2016-08-29T07:18:49.5452407Z
@Hoey Can't you just give them a gender neutral name then? Women and men, don't need to be the same in everything.
Hoey says2016-08-30T19:36:48.3288073Z
@foxxhajti i am perfectly happy with neutral names, however i think all names should be considered neutral. @Dilara you are correct in saying that having different names for male and females allows you to identify their sex before meeting them, however i believe this encourages people to prejudge others based on there sex. In the same way the people with Asian, or Muslim names are prejudiced against even if they are native to the country and/or do not follow the expected religion. As to the teasing at school, anyone who is considered different is teased, if names were neutral and having a name that was associated with the opposite sex is considered normal... They wont get teased. As i mentioned before naming the child of someone of the opposite sex is at the extreme end of my argument and ideals. I understand the issues raised, my hope is that these wont be issues in the future and people are not prejudged by their name and therefore their sex. If you need to make a prejudgement based on someones sex, then ask them what sex they are and why you need to know.
Dilara says2016-11-05T22:10:18.5640851Z
Hoey. If all names were neutral how would we differentiate the sexes? The sexes should be different. We are biologically. We can't take all that away because some people might pre judge people. We should end sexism rather then change part of our culture. Your plan would take so long, generations. It is completely normal to want to know someones sex before knowing them, since that is a defining biological characteristic. Its not about prejudging them as a person, its about knowing a basic fact about them. You shouldn't have to ask what sex someone is.
MasturDbtor says2016-11-06T01:36:01.5437319Z
@ Dilara And white people and black people are biologically different too. They have different melanin. Do you think that means it's wrong for a white person to use a name more traditional in African-American culture or for a black person to use a name more traditionally used among white people? Some people do. Yes, men and women are biologically different, and I'll grant it's to a greater extent than white people from black people. But them being biologically different doesn't automatically entail your conclusion, that therefore we ought to keep our names separate so people can know your gender before they meet you. You have failed to explain why these differences make that relevant. I personally don't care about what gender someone is before meeting them. The only reason I could think of for someone wanting to know that is if they are thinking about possibly dating them (I only don't care about that because I'm bi, so for this one example I can understand). But if that's the purpose of the meeting I'd imagine they would've already disclosed their genders to each other. In most cases there's no reason a person would be inconvenienced by not knowing someone's gender ahead of time.

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